BC Powder From Prestige Brands

For more than 100 years, consumers have relied on BC Powder for quick relief.

Its distinctive powder format comes in aspirin and caffeine for a quick relief of headaches and body. Today, millions rely on three varieties of BC – Original, cherry, and arthritis.

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BC Powder has a heritage unlike any other pain reliever.

In 1906, at their pharmacy in Durham, NC, Germain Bernard and the C.T. Council formulated a new, effective pain reliever that fast developed a very loyal customer following of hardworking Americans who needed reprieve from their toughest aches and pains. 100 years and millions of family and friends later, BC® Powder is still bringing speedy relief and showing pain who’s boss. “Keep on going” isn’t just something we just say around the halls of BC® Powder. It’s our mantra.