The Best Religious Candles For Any Religious Activity: Bright Glow Candle

Religious candles are one of the most important elements in religious activities. For instance, during a Catholic mass, candles are lighted on the Altar throughout the whole ceremony. They are also used as part of prayer rituals, to honor God, during funerals, and among other spiritual-related practices.

Religious candles come in a variety of scents, shapes, and brands. So, how do you pick the best quality religious candles that are designed to burn safely for longer?

In this article, you will learn how to pick a good quality candle and also about Bright Glow Candle products and why you should buy or sell this item on your store.

Who is Bright Glow Candle?

Bright Glow Candle company is a leading provider of religious candles worldwide. They offer a wide range of designs to please all. While they specialize in religious Mexican candles for the Hispanic community, their USA manufacturing facilities can fulfill a wide range of candle requirements, shapes, sizes, color, and design.

The company was founded in 1982 by Richard Alcedo and since then it has become one of the top manufacturers and distributors of candles in the United States.

Tips For Picking A Good Candle

  1. Inspect the wax ingredients (Non-toxic ingredients)
  2. Examine candle wicks (Preferably made of 100% cotton)
  3. Buy candles made in the USA from trusted manufacturers
  4. Make sure the fragrance used in scented candles are proven safe


Bright Glow candle offers a variety of color choices and printed religious images. There is a candle for any occasion or spiritual practice. Take a look:

Religious Candles

These tall glass jar candles feature different saints. Ideal for candlelight vigils and other spiritual practices. Unscented white wax is enclosed in a tall glass jar and designed to burn continuously.

Bright Glow Candle Religious Candle
Bright Glow Candle Religious Candles

See the complete list of religious candles here.

Scented Religious Candles

Bright Glow Candle offers scented religious candles. Their scented candles are made in the United States and are beautifully labeled and packaged.

Bright Glow Candle Religious Scented Candle
Bright Glow Candle Religious Scented Candles

See the complete list of scented religious candles here.

Votive Candles

Shop Bright Glow Candle for votive candles you will love. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of elegance to any space or to accompany an act of religious activity.

Bright Glow Candle Votive

Additional Information

Ready to order? You will need to fill out an order sheet and also know the technical information about their pallets before contacting them. If you have more questions use the information below to contact Bright Glow Candle directly.


If you want to sell or distribute Bright Glow Candle products in your store, contact us:

Contact: Richard Alcedo
Phone: +1 (909) 469 – 4733
Follow them on Instagram


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