The Best Mexican Vanilla Is Called Vainilla Molina

Vanilla is an ideal ingredient for almost any kind of dish. Mexican vanilla can be used in everyday cooking, baking, gourmet recipes, drinks, desserts and so much more.

The question, “What is the best Mexican vanilla essence or extract?” is what this article answers. If you want to buy top quality vanilla products for personal use or to sell it on your store, the Vainilla Molina brand offers three vanilla types to pour a splash on your creations.

Read on to learn more about Vainilla Molina and why it might be a good choice to sell their products to your customers.

Who Is Vainilla Molina?

Vainilla Molina was born in 1944, in a small family shop in Guadalajara, Mexico, which was managed by José Molina and his family.

This company is the pioneer of the Mexican Vanillas. Molina Vanilla is made with high-quality ingredients, and its original formula, which helps to give their products a natural vanilla flavor.

It was first sold in the Pacific and in Guadalajara, but it gradually reached the Central and Northern States of Mexico, and the United States.

Vainilla Molina Product List

Check out this list of the best Vainilla Molina vanilla products available on the market today

Mexican Vanilla Blend

This emblematic product from Vainilla Molina is defined by its aroma and unmatched flavor. Made with the highest quality ingredients, this particular item is ideal in the preparation of salty dishes, confectionery, biscuits, pastries, daily uses such as coffee and smoothies.

Molina Mexican Vanilla Blend

Mexican Vanilla Clear

Specially made for your colorful recipes, this vanilla product is totally colorless while preserving its full vanilla flavor. Recommended for making gelatins, shakes, water-based beverages, cookies, ice cream, popsicles, and similar food.

Molina Mexican Vanilla Clear

Vainilla Molina Pure Vanilla Extract

Vanilla at its finest and purest form. Add a gourmet splash to your high-cuisine dishes with the purity of Molina Pure Vanilla Extract.

Ideal in the preparation of the finest dishes, side dishes such as salad dressings, gravy, confectionery and more. An indispensable product for your high-cuisine dishes!

Vainilla Molina Pure Vanilla Extract

Aside from offering vanilla products, Grupo Molina has a wide array of other products. Here is its complete portfolio.


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