Clorets Chewing Gum Review: The Breath Freshener

What is Clorets?

Clorets is a refreshing gum and mint which gives a long-lasting refreshing taste designed to neutralize food, drink and cigarette odors by using an element called chlorophyll. It is the only chewing gum that contains the exclusive ingredient Actizol, so you can be closer to anyone you want, anywhere you want, anytime you want.

Did you know that Clorets gum’s refreshing effect in Japan is known as “sukkiri”? This word is now an important part of Cloret’s communication in that country!

Who makes this breath refreshing gum?

Clorets is made by Cadbury Adams, a British multinational confectionery owned by Mondelez International. Clorets has been in the market since 1951. Its main ingredient is Actizol, a proprietary ingredient that contains chlorophyll.

Contact information

If you want to sell or distribute Clorets chewing gum or mints, contact us:

Contact: Irmina Dabrowski
Phone: +1 (516) 626-3704 
Email: [email protected]
Company: Stark Foods International


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