New Wholesale Market Opens in San Antonio, Texas

A modern complex of warehouses aimed at the wholesale market for the collection, storage and distribution of fruits, vegetables and groceries is the latest development of Abasto Properties. Together with its affiliates, Abasto has built and operates five wholesale markets like South Texas and Mexico.

The commercial synergies expected to be formed with all the businesses established there will make this the most important market for the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, among other Mexican products, in the region known as the Texas Triangle. Specifically, this region is made up of the San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas metropolitan areas.

The first completed phase of the “San Antonio Wholesale Produce Market” consists of two buildings, each containing 30 warehouses. A total of 180 units are planned for completion in at least 3 phases.

All warehouses have approximately 300 square meters of ground floor, including a cold room for holding up to 156 pallets of product, the equivalent of seven loads.

Additionally, the units have a specific area for loading and unloading. There are also three entrances for trucks, a large upstairs office and a covered loading platform in front for filling vehicles with light loads.

Currently the availability of warehouses for sale or rent is already limited. There has been a tremendous response from producers and traders from all regions of Mexico and the United States, who, along with some investors, have already bought most units available at this time. Products such as tomatoes, avocados, lemons, peppers, tropical fruits and basic Mexican groceries are ensuring a strong presence in this market.

The city of San Antonio, with its geographic advantages in respect to its border with Mexico, its proximity to the largest cities in Texas and its great business with the tourist trade, serves as an ideal strategic point for marketing products that flow between Mexico and the United States. For the same reasons, it is particularly suited for the marketing of perishable products.

For more information or questions about the sale or rental of warehouses, please contact Luz Moreno Phone (210) 865-0683 or email [email protected]