Hispanic Families: A Driving Force in Food Service

Hispanic families are visiting more and more restaurants, becoming a driving force in food service. In fact, the rapidly increasing presence of the Hispanic population in the United States brings a strong boost to the food service industry, reveals Technomic’s Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report.

Restaurants Are for the Family

As the report states, 41% of Hispanic consumers say they use food services twice a week or more. This statistic is an increase from the 36% who made that claim in 2013.

Word of Mouth Does Matter

“Hispanics place a priority on eating with the family, and feel that restaurants are an ideal place for family time,” said Sara Monnette, senior director of consumer knowledge for Technomic.

According to the firm, word of mouth is especially important for Hispanic consumers. 46% frequently ask friends and family for restaurant recommendations. On the other hand, only 29% of the general population rely upon word of mouth.

Hispanic Families Want More Dining Options

Simply stated, Hispanic consumers want more Hispanic foods. In fact, 38% think that American restaurants should offer Hispanic choices on the menu, beating 33% in 2013.

The most common dishes that Hispanics are likely to order are: grilled meat (54%), burritos (42%) and fajitas or tacos (37%).