La Herencia: Quality and Flavor

La Herencia has been recognized since its inception in 2014 as a high quality product. Its product features have demonstrated to consumers that it is a beef brand that can be trusted to create their delicious dishes.

According to Javier Bonilla, sales director at La Herencia, its products stand out among its competitors due to its superior quality. La Herencia beef is produced exclusively at the JBS Food Canada plant located in Brooks, Alberta. Producing the product in one place thus provides great consistency in animal genetics.

“This consistency is reflected in the final product that ends up in each box of La Herencia beef,” Bonilla said.

La Herencia: Quality That Speaks for Itself

It is precisely this superior quality which has given the company great recognition. “Product acceptance has been very positive. Latina housewives like to bring home the best cuts, and one of the attributes of La Herencia beef is that the meat color is bright red and does not contain much fat. Likewise, the color of the fat is white due to a feeding strategy in Canada. This results in a product that simply stands out in any showcase, “said Bonilla.

Currently, La Herencia’s distribution process is carried out in California and Georgia. The company has an estimated production of 40,000 pounds per week. However, emphasizes the sales director, La Herencia has the ability to double its production level.

For the future, the company aims to create new distribution channels in different regions. By the end of this year they expect to have a presence in cities such as Chicago, Houston and Dallas, Texas.

“We invite all distributors who are interested in standing out from the competition to visit our website and explore distribution possibilities, “he said.

La Herencia has launched a bilingual website at The link provides dealer product information and marketing support to drive sales at the store level. Consumers will be able to read about the product, find recipes, send their own recipes and create a community of culinary ideas.