United Supermarkets Opens ‘Next-Generation’ Store in Lubbock, Texas

The United Family is opening its newest United Supermarkets store in Southwest Lubbock today, making it their 12th location in the Hub City.

The new Lubbock supermarket is the 97th location for the United Family. At 114th Street and Slide Road, the store will bring all of the things people know and love while also showing off some of the freshest concepts and partnerships the company offers.

“We are really proud to open up this phenomenal facility to the rest of Lubbock,” said Sidney Hopper, president of the United Family. “It is beautiful, spacious, and full of the latest and greatest United Supermarkets has to offer. Lubbock is home — our home deserves the best.”

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new United Supermarkets store in southwest Lubbock, Texas.

Some of the new features never before seen in a United Supermarkets include fresh, in-house Evie Mae’s Barbecue, a Chopsticks Noodle bar, and Texas Take-out. The grocery store will also have other client’s favorites: a Tap House with craft beer and wine; Sushi bar; Starbuck’s; Streetside grocery pickup, delivery; as well as a full-service bakery, floral department, meat counter; pharmacy with a drive-through window and more.

One of the most significant features that customers will notice when they enter the new store will be the space. According to the company, this is the most spacious United Supermarkets ever constructed, boasting wide aisles and checkout areas.

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“This United Supermarkets location represents a culmination of innovation and adaptation after a year of unprecedented challenges,” Hopper said. “One lesson learned from the COVID-19 pandemic was that we needed more space. This store will feature the widest aisles we’ve ever put in a store.”

Eric Steinfath, director for the new store and a Lubbock native, said that guests can still count on the same service they have come to expect from a United Supermarkets even with all the extra space and new bells and whistles.

“As a store director, it is my job to help accommodate every guest’s needs when they step foot in this store,” Steinfath said. “I promise this store has the latest and greatest that United Supermarkets has to offer, but I also promise that this team will do their best to make it special every day. We are proud to serve the Lubbock community.”