New Trends and Flavors Discovered at The National Restaurant Association Show

With a year to go before its first centenary, the National Restaurant Association is celebrating its annual show, with the presentation of new trends and growth in the food industry, as well as the latest culinary advances.

From new technological equipment to masterful performances by renowned chefs, to insights from industry leaders, the N.R.A. Show is filled with networking opportunities and learning experiences.

Since last Saturday, the N.R.A. welcomed international exhibitors, among them the Mexico pavilion, which featured a wide variety of Hispanic brands and products.

Among the exhibitors geared towards the Hispanic market were La Querendona, El Yucateco, Tapatío hot sauce, Topo Chico, Jarritos, Boing and La Morena. The Show that has been taking place at McCormick Place in Chicago, also held an Ecuador pavilion exhibiting numerous products from the South American country.

On Sunday, the N.R.A. Show featured a talk with Condoleezza Rice, the 66th Secretary of State and the President and CEO of the N.R.A., Dawn Sweeney, about the evolution of global affairs and what those changes meant for the foodservice industry.

Sweeney mentioned that the restaurant industry is the second-largest private sector employer in the U.S., in which one in 10 working Americans had their first job.

N.R.A. Show 2018 Photo Gallery

Among the presentations at the N.R.A. show were the FABI (Food and Beverage) Award, which presented the winners at the “Foodamental Studios”, with PepsiCo Foodservice and Kronos mentioned among them.

“The FABI Award recipients provide opportunities for operators to meet consumer demand with cost-effective solutions. This list of award recipients serves as a guide of the must-see food and beverage exhibitors at N.R.A. Show 2018,” said Dickie Brennan, convention chairman for the NRA Show 2018 and owner and managing partner of Dickie Brennan & Co., according to the Food Business News.

Dawn Sweeney Paves the Way for the Industry

Aside from the exhibitor networking, tech talks and culinary shows, the N.R.A. Show also held on-floor education, with sessions on the restaurant and food industry. The event ends on May 22nd.