Tajín Seasoning 2020 Flavor of the Year

The popularity of Tajín continues to grow and gain recognition among consumers as one of the best chili lime seasonings in the United States and Mexico. It has been selected as one of the latest and greatest foods in 2020, including “flavor of the year” by top industry publications, including Food Network Magazine and EatingWell.

Tajín is a unique blend of mild chili peppers, sea salt, and lime. Since 1985 Empresas Tajín has brought its seasoning to every home in Mexico and has been in the United States for 27 years.

“Tajín has been in the United States since 1993, it is an honor for us to be recognized as a 2020 food trend and flavor of the year by leading publications and food/trend experts in the areas of food and wellness,” said Javier Leyva, Tajín International Corporate Director for the U.S.

Tajín’s continued popularity is a testament to its versatility and ability to enhance the taste of various foods – from fruits and vegetables – to eggs, fish, poultry, beverages, snacks such as popcorn, dips, guacamole, and many others.

Food Network Magazine noted that Tajín “it’s a big and bold condiment that’s great on just about anything… Its versatility is endless”.

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Leyva added that in the last five years, Tajín’s fan base in the United States had increased significantly, which has been reflected in its continued sales growth. The Mexican seasoning is distributed in the U.S. by Mexilink, with more than 24,000 points of sale around the nation.

“2020 is a year in which we want to position ourselves in the conquest of the Anglo palate. We will continue to love our Hispanic base, and it is a platform that drives us to migrate to the Anglo, African-American, and Asian markets, and for each of these ethnic groups we have already planned a strategy from the point of sale to the consumer as part of our growth plan in the coming years,” Leyva told Abasto Media.

To remain one of the favorite flavors among consumers and continue to stand out among the food trends of 2020, Tajín will be launching a television and social media advertising campaign aimed at the Millennial market in general, highlighting the special touch Tajin gives to fruits and vegetables.

Concurring with Food Network Magazine, “Tajín’s time is here.”