Sysco Pica y Salpica Mexican Cream is Here to Stay

In order to provide an assortment of ingredients and authentic brands for the Hispanic segment, Sysco, the leading food service distribution company in North America, recently launched its “Sysco Pica y Salpica” brand.

It is a “lifestyle” brand focused on the Hispanic segment of the food industry, which includes authentic ingredients as well as culturally relevant tools and services that enable operators to be successful in serving rich tastes and culture experiences.

“The ‘Sysco Pica y Salpica’ brand wants to help you spread the flavors of Hispanic cuisine with texture and aroma because every ingredient is as unique as its culture”, said Jimena Harder, Multicultural Marketing Director for Sysco.

The first of a long list of products that is part of the brand “Sysco Pica y Salpica” is the Mexican Cream, one of the most important ingredients in the Mexican gastronomy, which for centuries has been one of the bases of that country’s food. The Mexican Cream of “Sysco Pica y Salpica”, which is available nationwide, comes in two presentations: Mexican Cream and Natural Mexican Cream. The Natural Cream has a neutral flavor, ideal for desserts, while the Mexican Cream has a saltier touch.

Harder said the company saw the need to offer authentic ingredients to Hispanic restaurant operators. “We found that in the case of the Mexican Cream the market was very segmented and the number of brands in that market was very varied so it was difficult to find a product that had the flavor and consistency of the authentic Mexican Cream”, said the executive. “In this way, Hispanic food business operators will now be able to count on an authentic cream that will allow them to maintain the consistency of their dish”, she added.

For its part, Diego Rondón, Sysco’s Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing, explained that the new brand of “lifestyle” is a culturally relevant offer from Sysco for a rapidly growing segment. “We know that the taste of Hispanic food is contagious, ‘captivates and splashes’ to those who try it. The explosion of flavors comes from authentic ingredients of high quality and the passion they bring to the table”, said Rondón.

He explained that thanks to this new brand the company can become the most valued and reliable business partner for customers. “We developed a comprehensive strategy that includes a solid understanding of the culture backed by our experience and the continued investigation of the needs of our clients”, concluded Rondón.