Supermarket Industry Mourns the Loss of Miguel Angel González, Founder of Vallarta Supermarkets

Editor’s Note: With great sadness, Abasto Media received the news of the passing of Miguel Angel González, one of the founders and owners of the Hispanic supermarket chain Vallarta Supermarkets. Abasto Media would like to express its condolences to the Gonzalez family and the great Vallarta Supermarket family for such an unfortunate loss. We join the entire industry in remembering his legacy through the message prepared by the communications department of the Hispanic supermarket chain.

The supermarket world lost one of its great independent pioneers. Miguel González, one of the Founders and Owners of Vallarta Supermarkets, passed away on Tuesday, 11/23/2021, as a result of an automobile accident.

Miguel was known for his winsome smile and a twinkle in his eye that reflected his charismatic personality, one that brought joy and excitement to all who would share experiences with him. 

Many business associates knew Miguel as a grocery store entrepreneur but may not have known his other passions, which led to his success in building a legacy within the grocery industry.

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After graduating from Van Nuys High School, he had an eye for buildings and design, pursued his passion in Architecture, and received his Associate in Arts Degree.

His love for architecture and interior design greatly enhanced the flavor and ambiance within the Vallarta Supermarkets experience for all shoppers to enjoy, as seen in the facades, colors, lines, and angles within the stores. In many instances creating a fusion blend of modern and nostalgic references to his hometown, Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, México. 

As a young man, Miguel worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in Pasadena, CA, as a Quality Assurance Technician, ensuring the highest tolerances were attained in space shuttle components. He left a promising career at JPL to kickstart Vallarta Supermarkets with his family. His strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail increased and sharpened as he and his executive team redesigned and built future store locations, constantly improving and adjusting to technology and retail sales efficiencies for a pleasant shopping and work experience.

Miguel’s passion for building the Vallarta Supermarkets family business was contagious, and he corralled anyone he could partner with to enjoy the journey. On record, he was 56 years young. However, his youthful personality reflected that of an exuberant 20-year-old who enjoyed life. His life motto was “Work hard and play harder” and shared enjoying life to the fullest with all. 

Working with Miguel required his staff to run on tippy toes to keep up with his excitement and energy to offer customers excellent services and quality products.

Sayulita Tap Room, in the Indio, CA store location.

Miguel’s most recent creation, Sayulita Tap Room (established October 2020 in the Indio, CA store location), epitomizes his vision of melding the following: spending quality time with loved ones, excellent food and drinks, exciting entertainment, and live music all within an exhilarating environment to make lasting memories.

Miguel will be missed; however, his legacy will live on within Vallarta Supermarkets. 

Miguel leaves behind his high school sweetheart and wife, María Teresa, his two sons: Christian and Luis Angel, and granddaughter, Aria Soleil (of Christian and Roxy- born June 2021) in addition to his mother (Eva), his father (Félix) and his brother, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. Many Team Members have worked alongside Miguel and the González Family for several decades. He will be truly missed; may you rest in peace.