Reina Desserts Keeps Growing in the United States

Producing the best quality products that the land offers, Reina Desserts has been creating desserts with the Reina brand for over four decades. A tradition handed down from four generations is the source of their unmistakable quality and taste.

It is the knowledge acquired for 90 years by their family that has made it possible for them to share all their passion for well-made desserts, making a reality what their grandparents dreamed to achieve.

The story of Reina Desserts begins one morning in 1926, when the artisan baker Enrique López Bustamante opens a small workshop in the town of Caravaca de la Cruz, Spain, from where he prepares desserts that would soon become a big favorite for their quality and flavor.

It is in 1960 that the Reina Desserts family, begins with the industrial elaboration of the world famous dairy desserts, a path of success that has placed thier brand among the most recognized and prestigious in the dairy sector. Thanks to the hard work and to their continuous improvement, Reina Meals is born. A 100% Texas company that introduces to the American market a selection of their best desserts, where only the best quality products are used, with the inherited knowledge of four generations of pastry artisans.

With the integration of new members to the family business and with their commitment to innovation, Reina Desserts have also expanded their presence in other markets.

Because of this expansion and thanks to the help of their American partners, in 2013 Reina Meals was founded. From their dessert plant in Houston, they strive to offer the best in quality desserts.

The company offers a full line of products ranging from Jelly, Pudding, Flan, Cheesecake, Pastries, and frozen products.

Reina Desserts knows that there is no greater feeling than seeing your family grown happy and healthy. That is why they share values ​​of respect for the environment, social commitment to the community and attention to the important labor of their workers. Because thanks to them, to their daily work, the company has been able to reach the recognition and satisfaction of the consumers.

Reina Desserts has a dream; to continue together the path that their grandparents started 90 years ago.

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