Purple Crow Fall Show 2023 Exceeds Expectations

“The support is unmatched, and the commitment of the buyers is incredible. They know about the product and the promotions to provide better opportunities for their customers and grow their business.” This testimonial from Clara Pineda, regional sales manager for Verde Valle Foods, echoes the overall experience exhibitors and attendees had at the Purple Crow Fall Show.

The trade show occurred on November 9 at the Purple Crow distribution center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

“The turnout for our fall event was amazing, and we were thrilled to see so many of our customers. Their presence added extra excitement and energy to the event, making it a resounding success,” said Rick Calabro, general manager of Purple Crow.

As a preamble to the Purple Crow Fall Show, the Hispanic food distribution company held a training dinner for brand suppliers who traveled from different regions of the United States to attend the event.

“The supplier training dinner was great, the food was excellent, and the conversation with numerous vendors was very positive, in addition to being able to meet new people and reconnect with old friends we have in the industry,” commented Essy Lechón, Division Director at Vilore Foods.

Lechón also highlighted the large attendance of customers, “we were very surprised by the number of attendees, and this allowed us to sell new products. We offered special promotions with the launch of seven new flavors of Pronto Atole”.

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From very early in the morning of Thursday, November 9, amidst a family atmosphere, hundreds of attendees were doing business, learning about new products, and networking with the brands’ representatives on the Purple Crow Fall Show exhibit floor.

“In my particular case with the brands we had the opportunity to represent, this has been one of the most successful food shows we’ve had so far,” said Christian Aristizábal, CEO and operations manager of Supreme MC Enterprise.

“The attendance was phenomenal, and the attention you have with the vendors, the marketing teams, and all the attendees is truly unique because you make them feel at home,” added Aristizábal.

Lucy Velázquez, president of G&G Marketing, also highlighted the family atmosphere at the Purple Crow Fall Show. “The human warmth and the approach they have with the broker and the vendor is excellent. The organizers keep an eye on everything and make you feel very well”.

In turn, Alejandro Pascacio, regional manager of the San Marcos company, said that something positive always comes out of the trade fairs held by Purple Crow. “There is always more volume that we get out of the shows both in the summer and this fall show; there is always an added value, but I think it would be good to increase the call, and it seems to me that it is time to give a twist to the event.”

This turn will come very soon, with the major expansion project the Hispanic food distribution company has already set in motion. In 2024, the Purple Crow will be moving into its new nearly 900,000-square-foot facility, where the company will continue to grow with a more extensive portfolio of products and services.

“We are very excited about the new projects that Purple Crow has,” said Imanol Pagaza, sales manager of La Moderna. At the same time, Lucy Velázquez emphasized that the growth expected for the company “will provide a great opportunity for us because we will have more space, more sales, more coverage, and this makes us very happy.”

Reflecting on the Purple Crow Fall Show, Calabro expressed on behalf of his entire team his gratitude “to everyone who made the event an exceptional experience, including our suppliers, customers and employees. Their contributions were invaluable in creating a memorable and enjoyable event, which exceeded our expectations in every way.”