Novamex Debuts Inspiring New Short Film ‘Jarritos-The Journey’

Jarritos proudly presents their most recent work directed Award-winning actor, film and television producer, Diego Luna, narrated in English by Jacob Vargas. Their new short film is titled: Jarritos – The Journey.

Novamex interprets the inspiring story of the individuals that have made America the country it is today, immigrants. These astounding stories regularly go unseen, never to be told or appreciated, Novamex decided to finally give it the spotlight it deserves. This is Novamex’s way of thanking their consumers, for bringing success to their brand.

A Better Tomorrow:

This story is ours, with different chapters bound by dreamers of a better tomorrow. This short film is more than just an advertisement, it’s a “statement of our beliefs”. United we stand strong, but only together we can write the next chapter of our “American dream”; allowing us to find that “better tomorrow”, giving our children a chance at a successful future, fulfilling a statement made by every immigrant: “I want a better life for my children than the one that I have today”. So come and join in the journey. So turn on your phone, tablet, television, etc. and listen to the stories that inspire us to dream. THIS is the story of the United States of America.

Novamex is very excited to share this message to the world, in hopes that it will spread goodness. Please share this video with your loved ones, organizations, and networks with the hashtag: #BetterTogether.


Jarritos – The Journey (English)

Jarritos – The Journey (Spanish)

Spread The Word:

These videos are also available on the Jarritos Instagram and Facebook page. Many celebrities of all backgrounds have already made the commitment to promote this video, in hopes of a snowball effect of inspiration.
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