NGA Rebrands to Boost Support for Independent Grocers

To reinforce its mission to represent community-focused independent grocers, the National Grocers Association (NGA) unveiled a comprehensive rebranding, including a new logo, the first since the organization’s founding in 1982.

NGA reported that the central theme of its rebranding focuses on the association’s new tagline, “At the Heart of the Community,” which illustrates the importance of independent community grocers to their markets as drivers of the economy and supporters of local families.

“NGA’s new logo and imagery, and updated messaging, deliver a fresh look and reinforces our mission: to ensure independent, community-focused retailers and wholesalers have the opportunity to succeed and better serve consumers through our policies, advocacy, programs, and services,” said Greg Ferrara, NGA president and CEO.

“Independent community grocers and their wholesaler partners are critical to the strength and vitality of the people they serve. By advocating for the growth and continuing innovation of these independent business leaders, we help bring choice, convenience, and value to hard-working Americans and ensure ongoing economic advancement and prosperity for our country,” Ferrara added.

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According to the association, the new logo, supporting graphics, and color palette provide a more contemporary look. In addition, enhanced messaging emphasizes and celebrates the community, which is both the source and recipient of support for local independent supermarkets.

Independent community supermarkets are the true entrepreneurs of the grocery industry, deeply committed to their customers, their associates, and the markets they serve, NGA said in its rebranding announcement.

These retailers operate a variety of retail formats privately owned by families or by employees based on the local community’s needs. NGA represents independent community grocers in every congressional district across the country, where they’re at the heart of local communities, providing jobs and boosting tax revenue while bringing choice, convenience, and value to hard-working Americans.

“NGA is the singular voice for the true entrepreneurs of the food industry, who model business leadership and a strong commitment to civic life while providing their neighbors quality goods and nourishing foods. From the four corners of your local grocery store to the four corners of this nation, NGA will continue to advocate and serve as the central hub for the independent grocery industry under this new brand,” Ferrara asserted.

Branding and marketing agency Grafik, based in Alexandria, Va., created the logo and graphic elements, assisted by NGA staff and input from a task force composed of NGA-member companies.