New Information to Considered in the Design of Your Labels

After several years of work, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) has revealed the new nutrient table which we will have to apply on all food labels.

This new table seeks to reflect more clearly the effects that nutrients present in the food in our health in the short, medium and long term.

This new way of presenting the information to consumers is much clearer, and points out what is most important to know.

It looks a lot like the usual version, what help much, as consumers will not have to understand other new and different system, but the changes have made it much easier to read and understand.

Some of the benefits of this change is that sugars and calories information are much easier to locate.

These changes were proposed by 2014, but until this month were approved and announced.

Manufacturers and producers will have until 2018 to change and apply the designs of packaging and labels.

Consider the following recommendations for the major advantages of these changes required:

  1. Look for increase consumer confidence
    The changes take as their own labels, which may result in an increase in confidence in your brand, especially if it reinforces a positive message. If the changes to negatively affect the perception of the consumer in some way, evaluate the best actions to prevent that from happening.
  2. Think about how to overcome the competition
    What aspects of your product can be promoted as healthy on the basis of the new requirements? Should it reformulate its product to take the new labelling as advantage of sale?
  3. Enrich the information for the consumer
    Guide their purchase behavior. Updated on trends and new perceptions of consumers about your brand, and find ways to educate consumers to have adequate nutrition and how your brand draws in their daily diet.
  4. Minimize unnecessary costs
    Attract attention to your product to coordinate these changes and updates of packaging and labels. Since caloric content up to declarations of compulsory basic nutrients. Some products may require major changes.
  5. Consult with the appropriate team.
    With the right team of experts, you can give them to your brands the best opportunity in the market on issues of health and nutritional benefits. Leading companies will take these changes as an opportunity of advantage against the competition.