Minsa: Innovating New Lines of Gluten-Free Business

Food trends, which arise according to what the market demands, enable companies (such as Minsa) dabble in innovation for the launch of new products.

However, mroe specific demands arise that signify agreat challenge for the industries, as example of this is gluten free food.

In MINSA detected a great opportunity by what we put to bake time back a mix of creativity, technology and wealth culinary to find the balance ideal between flavor and nutrition; Thus we create our meals prepared for panifi cation and pasta under the Minsa Delimaize brand gluten-free.

MINSA Delimaize is a meal prepared for panifi cation and pastries free of gluten.

Flour has as main ingredients maize, chia, amaranth, rice and tapioca; It contains no sugar and is free of allergens.

While the pasta is made with maize, millet, amaranth, and quinoa; making a product of these Multigrain and good source of fiber.

Both products are options of added value for consumers looking for gluten-free products whether for care or improve your health.

MINSA Delimaize can already be available in self-service stores and departmental both in Mexico as the United States.

With a long way to go, mark you will continue betting on innovative products and seeking to satisfy the most demanding industry of bakery and pasta in the coming months; Meanwhile, this great step is helping company Minsa is renewed and today live in day a time of important of closeness with their new consumers.