McDonalds will start selling antibiotic-free chicken


In order to expand their healthy food menu, McDonalds announced they  will begin using in their meals chickens raised without antibiotics and milk without growth hormone treatment.

Although chains like Chipotle or Panera Bread use antibiotic-free chickens, McDonald’s announcement has special significance because the chain has nearly nine times more US stores than other companies.

McDonald’s said they expect to implement the new restrictions in their 14,000 distributors within the next two years in the US, during which their restaurants and suppliers may make appropriate changes .

“Our customers just want food that make them feel good, from the farm to the restaurant,” McDonald’s president Mike Andres said in a statement.

Similarly McDonalds will stop offering dairy products from cows that have been treated with artificial growth hormone rBST (recombinant bovine somatropin).

With these new policies McDonalds hopes to renew their image worldwide and convince consumers of the quality and wholesomeness of their products.

McDonald’s has always fought the negative images of their food, but their vulnerability has grown as more people opt for foods made with ingredients considered better quality. The Chipotle and Panera chains say they serve chicken raised without antibiotics. The campaign for “clean labels” has led many companies in the industry to examine the standards of its suppliers and ingredients they use.