Legacy Food Group Plans to Become a Key Player in the Foodservice Industry

The creation of Legacy Food Group, which aims to become a major player in the foodservice distribution sector, was announced with the support of private equity firm Quad-C Management.

Legacy Food Group seeks to acquire high-quality regional independent distributors that will become operating divisions of the new company.

The new group, with investment from Quad-C Management, a private equity firm based in Charlottesville, VA, announced the acquisitions of Keck’s Food Service, Inc., M&V Provisions Co., Thomsen Foodservice, Inc., and Legacy Foodservice Alliance as it begins operations.

The company reported that each operating division will enjoy new services and expertise that come from achieving scale. This includes enhanced supplier relationships, consolidated purchasing benefits, coordinated sales and marketing support, and many other resources to build upon each company’s regional success.

Industry veteran Steve Push serves as CEO and a Member of the Board of Directors at Legacy Food Group, directing his focus on new deal origination and strategic oversight.

“Legacy Food Group was conceived from the premise of foodservice people working with foodservice people. Powered by a strong, experienced private equity partner,” Push said.

A New Group of Independent Owners

“Our objective is to maintain the exceptional customer service and other benefits of local ownership and management while combining to achieve the scale benefits and broader service to customers seeking a new option capable of serving a larger region. We will be able to offer a compelling option that will resonate with owners who do not want to sell to a large corporate distributor,” Push noted.

The company said owners of new partner companies will retain an ownership interest in Legacy Food Group. Each operating division will maintain its current name and management team and operate autonomously in the local market as an owned subsidiary of Legacy Food Group. All associates will remain in place.

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“During Quad-C’s 30-plus year history, a key focus of our firm has been investing alongside successful owner operators and family business owners to help their companies grow and take them to the next level,” said Michael Brooks, Quad-C partner.

“We have been active investors in distribution across a range of industries and have been specifically pursuing the highly attractive foodservice sector for the last several years in partnership with Steve Push. We are thrilled to be joining forces with Steve and the impressive teams at Keck’s, M&V, Thomsen, and LFA, and we see tremendous growth and value for the prospects of Legacy Food Group as we continue to partner with additional distributors going forward,” Brooks noted.

The new entity consists of the four founding members, which will operate as divisions of Legacy Food Group.

Keck’s Food Service Inc, based in Millerton, Pa:

Founded in 1964, Keck’s Food Service is a broadline foodservice and bakery ingredient distributor, complemented with a USDA fresh meat and portion control program. It serves the finest independent restaurants and non-commercial foodservice establishments, bakeries, and regional and C-store chains around Millerton, PA.

Keck’s Food Service is led by CEO and Chairman Brian Keck. With his team of dedicated professionals, the company delivers the finest quality, value, service, and support to its customers with a comprehensive product selection of approximately 5,000 SKUs.

 M&V Provisions Co. based in Ridgewood, NY:

M&V Provisions was established in 1949 as a manufacturer of ham and bologna. Now, it is a fourth-generation, family-owned distributor catering to the “jobber” community and other wholesalers.

Under the leadership of Mike Ciuffo and Joe Vallario, M&V Provisions thrives in the foodservice deli, bodega, and bagel shop market. Their customer service, competitive prices, and high-quality product selection, highlighted by their trusted Northside Brand, make them a leader in this sector.

Thomsen Foodservice, Inc., located in East Providence, RI:

Founded in 1951, Thomsen Foodservice, Inc. is a broadline distributor that services a diverse base of independent restaurant customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Thomsen Foodservice pairs personalized service, starting with CEO Ed Thomsen, with an expert sales staff, professional drivers, a dedicated front office team, and an extensive product selection to exceed customer expectations and foster new growth.

Legacy Foodservice Alliance, headquartered in Richmond, VA:

Founded in 2009, Legacy Foodservice Alliance is a foodservice supply chain alliance of more than 120 foodservice distributors in North America, Central America, Bermuda, and the Caribbean, including a global network of supplier partners.

Legacy Foodservice Alliance thrives on uniting its foodservice members. Promotes their success through shared buying power, advanced technology, industry expertise and personalized service.

Moreover, Legacy Food Group is currently in active negotiations to partner with multiple independent foodservice distributors who appreciate the opportunity for more significant resources without the bureaucracy of large distributors.

An experienced team of foodservice professionals will join Push, starting with CFO Heidi Moore. Moore brings experience in various industries, including her successful track record as CFO of Ace Endico Corporation.

“Our team is excited to focus on distributor acquisition, expansion, and organic sales and profit growth to become a leading, entrepreneurial alternative in the industry. We’re excited about the future of Legacy Food Group,” stated Push.

Legacy Food Group will also partner with UniPro Foodservice as a Stockholder Member.