La Moderna USA Donates Food to Dallas Schools

La Moderna USA, a subsidiary of the largest pasta manufacturer in Mexico, joined an initiative of the Embassy of Mexico in the United States with the coordination of the Consulate General of Mexico in Dallas, to make a large donation of food products to the Dallas Independent School District (DISD).

Esteban Abascal, CEO of Interamerican Foods and La Moderna USA, along with Francisco de la Torre, Consul General of Mexico in Dallas, recently delivered to DISD a donation of more than 1,500 boxes of food products including pasta, cookies, and soups.

DISD, one of the largest school districts in the United States, is distributing thousands of rations each week to its students and the families of its 155,000 students, who are continuing their education through virtual learning systems, during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know that as a result of this situation not all people have had the resources to provide themselves with nutritious food, with which La Moderna USA reaffirms its commitment to society, and in alliance and under the organization of the Mexican Consulate in Dallas with the leadership of our beloved Consul Francisco de la Torre, we were able to join the efforts of the Dallas Independent School District, which since this contingency began has supplied food to more than 155,000 vulnerable families on a daily basis,” said Abascal.

Dallas Mexican Consul Francisco de la Torre thanks La Moderna USA for its food donation to the Dallas Independent School District.

The Mexican Embassy and its consulate in Dallas coordinated with La Moderna USA and four other large Mexican food companies with manufacturing plants in North Texas to deliver the food donations to the Dallas Independent School District.

“This social responsibility project, which these large Mexican companies have joined, is an example of the added value of a multicultural, committed, and inclusive community like the one that is built every day in North Texas,” said the Mexican embassy in a press release.

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Meanwhile, the CEO of La Moderna USA told Abasto that the 150,000 square foot pasta production, manufacturing, and distribution plant in Cleburne, Texas, is working at capacity, and they have taken all sanitary measures to keep their personal and their products, free of risk of coronavirus.

“For La Moderna USA, the most important thing is and will be our consumers. For this reason, we are making every effort to ensure that our products reach the homes and tables of all families in the USA during these times of adversity, which has not been an easy task,” said Abascal.

“In record time we were able to implement all the sanitary measures that the government and the different health institutions both in the United States and worldwide have requested of us to guarantee first and foremost the safety and health of our employees. We also established a ‘COVID-19 Crisis’ committee which follows up daily on all official updates regarding this pandemic and implements all the changes we have required to guarantee the operation of our company,” he added.

According to Abascal, due to unexpected growth in demand for pasta products, La Moderna USA doubled its efforts to source raw materials from its suppliers, increased its production and logistics capacity, and hired more personnel.

“Today more than ever La Moderna USA makes a commitment to its suppliers, clients, commercial partners and above all to its consumers and the people who live in the United States to adapt to the new changes that this situation has demanded of us, reaffirming its philosophy of satisfying the needs of our consumers by helping to nourish American society”, concluded Abascal.