La Fe ‘Celebrate the Flavor’ Campaign Launches in Miami

Hispanic food brand La Fe continued in Miami celebrating its company’s new relaunch marketing campaign and its 50th anniversary. For this occasion, the company held a big party on a luxury yacht with more than 100 guests that are part of the food and beverage industry.

La Fe celebrates the flavor with a great party aboard a luxurious yacht, with live tropical music and the spectacular view of the Miami Bay.

On May 9, the Caribbean company GraceKennedy, owner of La Fe, celebrated in New Jersey its first gala to launch its initiative with the assistance of representatives of stores and food distributors in the Northeast of the country.

At the second party that took place in Miami on Thursday, May 23, the guests boarded the luxurious three-level yacht, “South Beach Lady,” which set sail from the Hyatt Hotel’s dock in the Miami River to navigate around the bay and with the festive atmosphere of live tropical music.

Carlos Pena, former owner of La Fe and Derrick Reckord, President and CEO of GraceKennedy Food USA, talks about the past and present of the Hispanic food brand.

Derrick Reckord, president and CEO of GraceKennedy Food USA, along with Desiree Sorensen, National Accounts Manager and Alberto Young, VP Sales for the Southeast Region, welcomed the guests and highlighted the work that the Hispanic food brand of has done, to expand its distribution territory and promote its new healthy products.

“Four and a half years ago we made the decision to invest in La Fe because we saw a lot of potential in the brand. For us at GraceKennedy, the fundamental thing is to continue with the tradition and this is present in the union of grace and faith, for us it is something wonderful when faith and grace are together,” Reckord said.

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For Desiree Sorensen, National Accounts Manager, the brand represents “quality, family and tradition”, three fundamental subjects that will be reflected in the marketing campaign “Celebrate the Flavor”, with television commercials and other advertising platforms in Spanish and English.

“Recently La Fe has embarked on a major investment to refresh packaging across many product categories, such as frozen vegetables, arepas, canned vegetables, among others. The brand will continue to innovate by bringing new products such as our new La Fe Coconut Water, Fruityurt. We will continue to invest in consumer engagement programs,” said Alberto Young, Vice President of Sales of the Southeast Region.

Alberto Young talks about the great tradition of La Fe products in the Hispanic market of the East Coast.

Photo Gallery of La Fe’s Celebration in Miami