JALTRADE: 5th Forum of Food & Beverages to the United States

Towards the end of 2016, the volume of Mexican export of food and drinks is expected by their order of 30 billion dollars, said Hans Neufeld, Member of the Management Council of the Institute of Promotion to the Exterior Trade (Jaltrade), during their Forum on food and drinks to United States, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. ‎

‎Neufeld said that the export of food and beverages in the State of Jalisco registered profits of $ 3,448 million in 2015. ‎

‎”The United States is a market of great value and significance, but as all valuable things, it has numerous edges, regulations, a logistics complex, sophisticated systems of distribution, and strict packaging/labeling guidelines for the exporters”, he said. ‎

‎The Director for the Asian market of Jaltrade, Antonio García, stressed the importance of Mexican exporters to know the rules and specifications of the international market. ‎

‎Antonio Garcia said that United States is the natural market for the Mexican export products, and added that in the case of Jalisco, 75% of its exports going to that country, especially tequila, fruit, vegetables, tomato, berries and sweets. ‎

‎Garcia, also a coordinator of the fifth edition of the forum, said that the approach and bonding with American authorities responds to the search for approval of food safety standards in both the US as well as for Mexico. ‎

‎”We are working so that exporters can perform their procedures of export in the most efficient manner”, said Antonio Garcia after he noted that the Forum is focused on exporters and entrepreneurs, companies and executives so they can have the most basic information on how to be competitive in the international market.

Abasto, as always, was present and able to reach out to several attendees, spreading the word of our clients to the external market.