Instacart and AWG Enhance E-Commerce for Local Grocers

Instacart and Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc. (AWG) have expanded their partnership to provide e-commerce and same-day delivery services. They offer technologies like Caper Carts and Instacart’s AI-powered smart carts to member retailers.

With over 800 member locations using Instacart, another 2,300 retailers can benefit from this collaboration.

Shelly Moore, AWG’s Chief Information Officer, highlights the significant value Instacart provides to local independent grocers by enabling innovation and enhancing customer engagement. “By partnering with Instacart, we’re making it even easier for our member retailers to bring the convenience of e-commerce to life and ultimately drive business growth,” said Moore.

Collaboration between Instacart and AWG aims to help retailers establish online shopping and delivery services to meet customer demands. Once onboarded on the Instacart App, customers can easily select their store, choose their items, and have them delivered either on the same day or scheduled up to two weeks in advance by an Instacart shopper.

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Nick Nickitas, General Manager at Instacart, emphasized their joint commitment with AWG to empower independently owned grocers digitally. “Through this collaboration, AWG’s retailers now have access to convenient, cost-effective solutions that allow them to bring their stores to their customers’ doors easily. We’re excited about what we can achieve together,” said Nickitas.

Instacart not only provides same-day delivery but also supplies retailers with advanced in-store tech like Caper Carts. These smart carts leverage computer vision and AI to recognize items as they’re added to the cart.

AWG members will introduce these innovative carts to revamp the traditional checkout process, enabling customers to bag items while shopping and make payments anywhere in the store. Moreover, customers can connect their loyalty accounts for tailored promotions and savings.

President and CEO of Town & Country Supermarkets, Joe Polizzi, expressed, “Our collaboration with Instacart enriches our omnichannel approach, offering customers same-day delivery and meeting their needs in novel ways.”