The Relationship Between Product and Package Design

The contents of a package and the design have an undeniable relationship with the perception of the quality of the product and mutually complement and influence one above the other.

Containers and labels of products, as well as its content, communicate much more. They provide messages that predispose us and condition to the purchase much before, and more permanently in memory, the same product containing. Any other means of promotion is as close to the consumer as they are the packaging and wrapping of a product. In the hands of the consumer, they communicate the message of the brand long until the purchase is carried out.

First of all, I want to mention that a container is much more than a container with three dimensions (height, width and depth). It is a vehicle to communicate emotions that connect consumers with our brand. The satisfaction or disappointment, that provides the product is permanently associated with the brand.

Why is that I do emphasis in which the message between brand and product must be credible, reliable and relevant for the consumer?

We will review the possible combinations between an attractive packaging design or unattractive, and a good or evil product to determine the relationship between product and package design.

Case 1. Attractive package design + good product

This is, without doubt, the best possible scenario. A package that conveys the qualities of its content and a product that It meets the expectations of the consumer view and take the package in his hands. The consumer is attracted by the design the packaging and label, and at the time of consuming it, is what I was expecting.

Case 2. Unattractive package design + good product

If packaging design fails to arouse interest, it is quite difficult to attract a buyer. However, if in spite of this, the product sells well, the danger is that very soon will appear a competitor with a similar range of quality, but a more attractive packaging design. In this case, there to make graphical adjustments to ensure consistency.

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Case 3. Attractive package design + bad product

The first purchase on many occasions is made by packaging design and brand of the product, but the second is already closely related to the quality of the product itself. If no rebuy can be two aspects in the majority of cases: one, the product was not to the liking of the consumer or, two, the packaging creates false expectations that the product fails to meet. It is necessary to then assess a fit in the design to position it properly.

Case 4. Unattractive Package + bad product

In this case we speak of the worst possible scenarios. It is a viable product that much will soon be forced to discontinue it. As we can see, in all the cases mentioned, design, packaging and product are a Trinomial that must be in balance and in constant transformation, according to the needs of market exchange.

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