How Technology Helps Customers and Businesses Protect Themselves from Covid-19

Due to the coronavirus, there is a growing demand for the use of new technologies that allow businesses to reduce crowding in stores and to make contactless payments, or to use touch-screen kiosks. These methods make it easier to protect customers and employees inside the stores because they help social distancing.

According to a Retail Dive article, the pandemic is being the catalyst for removing the barriers that in the past were restricting the integration of contactless payment systems in retail stores.

Also, industry leaders highlight the convenience of touch-screen kiosks to maintain social distancing, considering that the coronavirus spreads primarily through close person-to-person contact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Kiosks are a way to limit customer interaction with other people,” said Craig Allen Keefner, manager of the Denver-based Kiosk Manufacturers Association. “I think probably the key is that person-to-person interaction is being minimized,” he added.

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In Hispanic stores, where high traffic is common, many customers are looking to recharge their pinless service for international calling, top up their prepaid mobile phones in the U.S. or send airtime to their loved ones abroad.

Because of Covid-19, stores have had to implement social distancing measures and limit the number of people inside the store to protect the health of employees and customers.

That is why the use of systems such as Boss Revolution kiosks allows these Hispanic businesses to keep up with the demand for Pinless recharges and domestic and international airtime top-ups from their clients safely and quickly without the assistance of store managers.

How do the kiosks work?

Boss Revolution kiosks provide a comprehensive solution for selling the company’s most popular telecommunication services, such as BOSS Revolution Pinless long-distance calling service and recharges to domestic and international cell phones. Consumers can purchase these services in cash, without waiting and without contact with store personnel.

Boss Revolution Testimonials

“Where do I start? That kiosk is incredible, it has made this business much easier, it is worth every penny, 75% of our clientele switched to the kiosk because they like it to see all the options available,” said Dalida Calderon, owner of El Rinconcito store.

“My business is a small but very busy place and sometimes people get delayed in line to make some mobile phone recharges, sometimes they send 5 or 6 international mobile phone recharges and get delayed in line for a while, but thanks to the kiosk they now go directly to it and make the transaction on their own,” added Calderon.

The owner of El Rinconcito said that the BOSS Revolution kiosk helps prevent the risks of exposure to Covid-19. “It is a great machine for this whole pandemic we are going through, because people go directly to it and don’t have to interact with other people, just handle their recharges and leave.”

For his part, Fausto Cifuentes, owner of the Guatemala store, said “the BOSS Revolution kiosk is one of the most convenient things that has been done. Personally, it has made my small business life easier, things run a lot smoother now since my customers go straight to the kiosk instead of waiting in line to make a mobile or international recharge.  I don’t have to spend time doing those recharges anymore, especially international recharges which are a little more time consuming. “

“Now customers go directly to the kiosk, make their transactions and even see for themselves what other options are available to them, this has greatly increased my sales since I am sometimes very busy and not able to explain all their other options,” added Cifuentes.

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