Hispanics, The Economic Cure For Covid-19

Hispanics are increasingly the most viable alternative for economic recovery within the United States. Supermarket chains, food brands, and services believe this and are proving it.

Unlike other minorities, Hispanics can quickly get some temporary income when their fixed income is affected thus not stopping their economic contribution during this new normal.

We see it in social networks and interactions with brands and commerce. Hispanics are always interacting and asking where they can find products that were in short supply, as well as making using word of mouth to ask who needs a job or who is offering it.

This power of communication among Hispanics, supported by social media using leaders, groups, and individuals, has turned the Hispanic force into a real economic force.

The networks of geolocated groups such as “Mexicans in Miami”, “Guatemalans USA”, etc., within Facebook with well-organized communities of more than 10,000 local followers, who recommend and seek help on services and products, are increasingly common.

Within this digital solidarity, it is surprising not only the speed with which Hispanics respond and give almost immediate help but also the variety and number of local options that they offer.

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Brands and businesses should pay more attention to this network of digital help that continues to grow in each state and communities, not only to promote their goods or services but also to create brand recognition in a socially responsible way by helping these communities meet their basic needs such as support when disaster strikes and legal guidance.

Now, digital marketplaces offer small entrepreneurs or growing brands accessible and fast-growing platforms available to the masses. But joining these networks of community contacts can represent a form of exponential growth with the greatest impact and low cost at this time.

Today the community managers of companies should take the courage to learn to interact actively in these groups.

For brands, the Hispanic market represents the table with the highest growth and purchasing power in the months after Covid-19 and also offers the advantage of being a community with a high degree of recommendation.

In the area of ​​food products, Hispanics buy them in a higher percentage than other communities such as Asian and American and it is possible to compare in terms of volume of purchase and storage with the first generation African American community.