Green Picks Market Opens First Store Run Entirely by Artificial Intelligence

In the city of Chamblee, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia, Green Picks Market opened its innovative and fully automated healthy foods supermarket, taking a step into the future of grocery shopping.

Green Picks Market is pioneering the fusion of technology and healthy living by seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the shopping process.

This innovative store introduces an entirely new shopping experience designed for extreme convenience and health-conscious customers, the company said in a press release.

The store’s grand opening, at 5255 Peachtree Blvd Suite 104, Chamblee, GA, took place on October 17.

How the Automated System Operates

According to the company, the point-of-sale system operates through a network of smart shelves equipped with advanced sensors, all meticulously monitored by an array of computer vision cameras.

This advanced technology enables frictionless transactions, inventory management, and operations that are 100% electronic, eliminating the need for paperwork and manual inventory counts.

Customers can access the store via a dedicated smartphone app, using a unique QR code to check in and initiate transactions. The system autonomously tracks product placement, movement, and location, providing customers with a seamless, almost magical shopping experience.

One distinguishing feature of Green Picks Market is the absence of traditional registers; customers exit the store after completing their shopping, and receipts are promptly delivered via the app and email.

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Green Picks Market offers dual access points for residents within the apartment building and the surrounding communities, delivering unparalleled convenience.

To realize this vision, Green Picks Holding, the parent company, has partnered with AWM, a California-based AI and CV company, which is the solution provider powering the frictionless shopping experience Green Picks Market offers.

AWM is an AI and computer vision company with comprehensive Frictionless Shopping and Frictionless Analytics solutions for front-of-house and back-of-house retail, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, and more. These solutions utilize machine learning and software algorithms for end-to-end business automation that improve efficiency and profitability and reduce waste.

Green Picks Market Food Selection

Beyond convenience, the store aims to provide access to healthy, low-sodium, allergen-free, low-sugar, and GMO-free foods. The product range caters to health-conscious consumers, featuring organic produce, dairy, deli meats, vegan options, frozen foods, a bakery with hot items, automated coffee machines, and an array of prepared meals for those on the go.

The store’s design, carefully curated to align with its brand identity developed during the pandemic, aims to reduce stress and enhance the shopping experience, evoking a tropical ambiance in a tranquil atmosphere. A sitting area provides customers with the perfect spot to enjoy their selections outside the shopping area before leaving the store.

Green Picks Market plans to expand its footprint across the Southeast, with additional locations already identified in the Atlanta metro area.

Green Picks Market was founded by a Georgia Tech Aerospace Engineer turned entrepreneur to tackle the lack of healthy convenience stores.