8 Famous Hispanic Food Restaurants in New York

Migrants in the United States have left an indelible mark: their cuisine. Evidence of this can be seen in the variety of famous Hispanic food restaurants in New York.

In this splendid city where people never rest, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Mexican, and other Hispanic establishments are open to offer the most authentic flavors from each country.

Undoubtedly, the dishes from Latin regions captivate both natives and foreigners, giving them the chance to connect with their cultural roots.

In this article, we present the top 8 options in the city. These restaurants offer a diverse catalog of dishes, drinks, cocktails, and desserts to delight your palate.


Before Casa Ora, New Yorkers didn’t often include Venezuelan dishes on their tables. However, this began to change when this restaurant opened its doors at 148 Meserole Street, Brooklyn.

The space is filled with hanging plants, maps of the country, and photographs depicting life on the streets of Venezuela.

While Casa Ora is known for the variety of arepas on its menu, it also stands out for the flavor of its pabellón criollo, hallacas, and bollitos pelones. Of course, tequeños are always a staple in the orders.


Embracing current culinary trends has been the key to BKLYN Wild’s success. This is why their offerings are plant-based.

At 55 Water Street, Brooklyn, chef Ivy Stark set out with a goal: to present delicious options with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets and artisanal producers.

This is why their large bowls featuring Brussels sprouts, pico de gallo, vegan cheese sauces, deli cuts, quinoa, and more stand out.

Of course, legumes like chickpeas, lentils, or black beans, accompanied by yogurt, guacamole, or corn tortillas, are never missing.


Located in Midtown East, this is one of the famous Hispanic food restaurants in New York that serves Peruvian and Mexican-inspired dishes throughout the week.

Additionally, for events and celebrations, it offers its facilities with two levels, independent dining rooms, and elegant spaces.

Yes, the establishment is capable of providing a great experience for small dinners of 12 guests or gatherings of up to 80 diners.

Their menu includes appetizers such as guacamole, esquites, causa acevichada, and cold salads.

Moreover, they offer main courses like lomo saltado, enchiladas, lobster tail, arroz chaufa, among others. They also serve exquisite desserts and cocktails to accompany your meal.


Natural light is the star of this Peruvian restaurant, making lunch or dinner here a rejuvenating and positive experience.

In fact, the owners decided that this was a priority from the moment they named it. “Warique” is a Quechua word meaning a hidden place with special food.

But there’s more! Centuries ago, this was the name of the temple that the Incas visited to eat. Similarly, today, Warique has loyal customers who enjoy Peruvian flavors.

Their kitchen specializes in dishes such as tallarines a la Huancaina with lomo saltado, various ceviche options, salads, soups, desserts, and cocktails.


They started in 1963 with a “combi” bus in Mexico City. They drove to the beaches of Yucatán, where they parked and sold their delicious tacos.

After a few years, they made their way to New York. This time, the taqueria won over customers from a garage in the city center, becoming one of the famous Hispanic food restaurants in New York.

Their goal is to share Mexican culinary traditions, using healthy products free of hormones, antibiotics, additives, and genetic modifications.

The establishment is also ideal for hosting private parties.


Blending the benefits of its interior with outdoor seating gives this Ecuadorian restaurant a unique edge.

Located at 691 Tenth Avenue in New York, this culinary haven stands out for serving homemade food in a cozy and pleasant environment.

Ñano, meaning “brother” in the land of orchids, lends its characteristic name to the restaurant.

Given the diversity of Ecuadorian cuisine, the menu is updated periodically.

Therefore, you might sometimes find: chicken with naranjilla pulp, Moro de lentejas with cheese, pickled red onions, toast, homemade fries, and more.


Getting diners to travel to Cuba was no easy task. So, in 2004, the owners decided to locate the restaurant on a historic street in the area.

Located on Thompson Street in Manhattan, this place is very reminiscent of Old Havana.

Here, music, son, and exotic Cuban dishes blend with the traditional mojito, allowing New Yorkers to escape from their daily routines.

In fact, while Cuban cuisine prevails, the restaurant also offers Latin and Spanish dishes, making it one of the famous Hispanic food restaurants in New York.

Some of these dishes include: Camarones al ajillo, Tuna al sartén, Costilla Matanzas, Bacalao gratinado, and more.


The people of Buenos Aires also have their favorite spot in the city that never sleeps. This restaurant evokes typical local scenes through black-and-white photographs.

Located at 513 E 6th Street, New York, you’ll recognize it immediately for its spacious and cozy setting, featuring dark wooden tables, brick walls, and mirrors.

The idea of its owner, Ismael Alba, was to faithfully capture the essence of Argentine cuisine. Therefore, on its menu, you’ll find very regional dishes.

Among them are the most popular grilled meat cuts, artisanal pastas, seafood, and appetizers like matambre, cheese boards, pickled eggplants, provoletas, chorizos, and much more.

Ready to discover Hispanic food restaurants in New York?

It’s wonderful to see how Hispanic cuisine in New York serves as a bridge that connects different cultures and allows for unique culinary experiences. 

These restaurants not only offer delights for the palate but also invite you to share special moments in the company of loved ones, whether with family or friends. 

It’s a celebration of diversity and the richness of our cuisine, where traditional recipes blend with creative interpretations to provide a memorable gastronomic experience.