Everything you need to know about Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

Have you seen the luxurious Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne supercar? It’s a beauty and incredibly powerful.

The Spanish manufacturer revitalized it and presented it as the first model in a highly exclusive series.

Its production is limited, so only a few people own one. One of them is the American businessman Michael Fox, a car collector.

He is the only owner in the United States who has a contemporary luxury Hispano Suiza vehicle, custom-made.

The brand offers 1,900 customization options, both for the body elements and the space for the driver and passengers.

You just have to say how you want it, and the manufacturer adjusts the specifications according to your preferences. It’s like a custom-made car.

9 Features of the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

This segment of electric vehicles has numerous extraordinary qualities that you might not even imagine.

Believe it, it combines luxury with modern technology, a unique craftsmanship style, and meticulous attention to detail.

This model is not easily found on the market, as it has more visibility in the collector’s area.

Would you like to know more about this car? If so, keep reading to discover its most outstanding features.

1. It’s an Electric Car

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne is an electric car model powered by two powerful 450 kW engines.

They are located at the rear of the vehicle and efficiently control all the vehicle’s movements.

From power to speed, providing a thrilling driving experience.

You feel like you are in a “Batmobile.”

You don’t need to be a sports driver to handle it, as it drives easily. This is thanks to its extraordinary features.

If you decide to get one of these models, you can ask to have it configured to your liking since the brand designs them as you wish.

Incredible, right? It allows you to add details, colors, and everything you want to feel good about your acquisition.

2. Made with Carbon Fiber

Compared to the 2019 Carmen model, it is lighter. It weighs 1,630 kg, 60 less than the previous version.

The minimal weight of this car is related to the material used in its body and chassis. Like the other components, they are made of carbon fiber.

Even the upholstery and the back of the seats were made with this finish, reducing the load and ensuring durability.

The panels that form the supercar’s frame weigh only 64.5 kilos, while the suspension presents a saving of 25 kilos.

The new subframe takes off 15 kilos, and the optimized monocoque chassis takes off an equal amount, making it lighter.

Other elements that offer weight reduction are the carbon fiber roof and CNC machinery.

3. Classic Sports Design

As for the style of this automotive jewel, it maintains the same concept as the traditional Carmen but is sportier.

Although inspired by the brand’s classic prototype, it looks much more striking, with color lines accentuating the chassis shape.

The doors of this electric car open automatically upwards, like scissors, and move smoothly and elegantly.

The name Hispano Suiza is embossed on the front grille, the door pontoon, and the rear, giving it a distinctive touch.

The headlights are the same as the classic version, and the wheels are pure aluminum. The interior is upholstered in leather.

Michael Fox’s car has a purple body, a shiny black grille, and a white interior with purple trim and stitching.

4. 85% of the Components were Made in Spain

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne of the American collector crossed the Atlantic to be delivered to the businessman.

What was the reason? The car was made in Spain, specifically in Barcelona, where most of its components are from.

The brand was founded in that city in 1904, and in 1968, it was absorbed by Snecma, a subsidiary of the French company Safran.

In 2000, an agreement allowed the Suqué Mateu family to manufacture prototypes inspired by unmatched elegance and style.

Why is it called Carmen? It relates to a family legacy, as it’s the name of the manufacturer’s founder’s granddaughter and the current president’s mother.

Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

5. Power and Top Speed

These features of the Hispano Suiza are unprecedented. It’s hard to find an electric car with such high performance.

It has 1,114 horsepower (HP) and a torque, known as motor torque, of 1,600 Newton meters (Nm), so it’s not for just any user.

Moreover, it allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in just 2.6 seconds, and it can reach up to 290 km/h speed.

The top speed increases when you go over 250 km/h, making it a quite fast supercar.

Indeed, it is one of the most powerful versions tested to date. So, if you like to drive fast, it won’t disappoint you.

6. Interior of the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

Inside, this European car is as majestic as it is on the outside. It incorporates elements that blend luxury with exclusivity.

The cabin is made with high-level materials and finishes. It includes heated seats that adjust electrically.

Likewise, a large touchscreen and a multifunction steering wheel to control the vehicle’s most relevant functions.

For example, those related to safety, like door locking, and comfort.

Its interior also has LED lights that create a comfortable atmosphere for both the driver and the passengers.

Undoubtedly, it meets all the requirements of the most demanding customers and those who want a car with a style that is both classic and futuristic.

7. Only 5 Units Will Be Manufactured

The Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne car series is quite exclusive, primarily intended for a certain group of collectors.

By 2020, the firm had only 14 units and expected to reach 19 with the production of five special editions.

One of the cars in this series was delivered in 2022 to businessman Michael Fox in Florida.

That first model was custom-made, inspired by the Ocean Song rose, his favorite flower. He himself sent the specifications for its design.

Possibly, you will see other personalized premieres, just as impressive or more so, in the near future.

8. Fast-Charging Battery

The autonomy of this electric supercar is impressive, offering enough energy for an extensive journey.

According to the Spanish manufacturer, the car can travel comfortably up to a distance of 400 kilometers.

This is possible thanks to its 80 kWh battery, which supports fast charging of over 80 kW DC.

This means that in less than 30 minutes, it charges between 30% and 80% of the battery. Additionally, it has the incredible advantage of liquid cooling.

That is, with a system that cools along with three front air intakes that maintain the proper temperature.

The battery pack consists of 700 cells, arranged in a T-shape from the seats to the rear.

They act as the car’s central column and also as a shock absorber, providing stability and reducing vibrations.

9. Price

How much does this model cost? This is a common question and not surprising, considering its qualities.

Well, you might not be as excited about the price as you are about the car itself. It is valued at 1.65 million euros. What do you think?

That figure does not include taxes, so it makes sense that it is intended only for collectors of exquisite cars.

These individuals not only have the financial means to acquire it but are also willing to pay high amounts for their preferred pieces.

Undoubtedly, this prototype is a temptation for anyone who shares a love for this type of electric vehicle.

Learn More About the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne

It is undeniable that the Hispano Suiza Carmen Boulogne brings together all the characteristics of comfort, luxury, and performance.

It is a powerful, beautiful electric car with an elegant and unique design that combines classic and avant-garde elements for a select audience.

The materials used in its construction are of the highest quality, and being made of carbon fiber makes it lightweight.

It adapts to your tastes and is easy to drive. Additionally, it allows you to go far due to its good autonomy.

In short, it is the perfect supercar for the most refined car collectors. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate its greatness.

What are you waiting for to take a look at this model? It might just become another piece in your collection.