The Election And The End of 2016: Letter from our President

Goodbye 2016. Somehow it feels like more than just a year has come to an end. It feels bigger than that. It’s more than just the election, but the election provides context for our emotion. Regardless of your political inclinations, you are glad it’s over.

The presidential campaign has been troubling to many and exhausting to everyone. Uncertainty about the future of America in general and for the Hispanic community in particular is on everybody’s mind. Many say that Trump will be good for businesses, but bad for Hispanics.

If you read or listen to the news, the future of Hispanics in America is in serious jeopardy. So as businesses that depend on a vibrant Hispanic community, is there any reason for optimism? My short answer is yes and I’ll base my optimism on two predictions.

1. President Trump’s focus will be to energize the economy by reducing the size and impact of government. That will translate into lower taxes and less regulation. Businesses, regardless of the type or size, will have more freedom to operate as they see best without interference by the bureaucratic state.
2. Because his focus is the economy, he will not deport millions of people that contribute to that economy but have no legal standing. Call it whatever you want to, amnesty, reform-it doesn’t matter. America’s economy simply will not work without the power that immigrants, legal or not, provide. It never has and never will. We know that and so does he.

There are many other complicated and difficult issues that affect our lives, both here and around the world. We pray that America, and all the people that call her home, will continue to be the world’s best hope for peace and prosperity in 2017.

Goodbye 2016 and Happy New Year!