Creativamente 2021 Virtual Symposium: Learn New Strategies to Win Customers

The National Association of Supermarkets and Department Stores of Mexico (ANTAD) presents Creativamente 2021, a two-day virtual conference aimed at Hispanic retail leaders looking to strengthen communication and marketing in their companies.

Considering that consumer shopping behavior is transforming, retailers have had no choice but to adapt to the new circumstances. Therefore, businesses must develop new strategies to reach customers.

The 12th Creativamente 2021 Symposium will take place on November 18 and 19. At the virtual event, experts in the retail industry will share their vision on how to make processes successful at all stages of the supply chain, achieving effective positioning and advertising through creative marketing.

To this end, the symposium is designed for directors, managers, area supervisors, and coordinators in the retail sector. 

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During the two-day virtual event, participants will get specialized training. Gain insight into anticipating scenarios and nurturing new ideas that will improve the strategy to keep companies in a competitive market; learn about success stories in communication, marketing, advertising, and design, allowing them to identify agreements and channel projects.

The participants of the Creativamente 2021 Symposium will also have the opportunity to interact with retail sector executives, consultants, and trade suppliers in general in the same space to broaden the base of their contacts for future negotiations.

To register for the virtual symposium, please visit the Creativamente 2021 web page.

November 18 Creativamente Conferences:

  • Accountability: Taking Personal and Active Responsibility. Octavio Aguilar, partner-president of AFAN, a consulting firm, will present the conference on personal development.
  • Conversational Commerce: The New Way to Buy. This digital theme will be presented by Araceli García, Director of Customer Success at Auronix. She is in charge of servicing and relationship with the company’s most important customers.
  • From Shoppers to Fans: Creativity as a Trigger. Alfonso Alcocer, a marketer with 19 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry and partner in Advertising, Marketing & Commerce, Deloitte Digital, will lead the conference.

November 19 Conferences:

  • Marketing Strategy for Different Generations of Consumers. Ricardo Torres, Director of Retail Services, NielsenIQ Mexico, will offer valuable strategies on how to market and communicate with four generations with whom we coexist at the same time but who have great differences, not only in the way they think and act, but also in their buying and media consumption habits.
  • Sustainability in Consumption. Francisco Olivares, E&Y Consumer Products industry leader, will present his vision of sustainability from the consumer’s point of view. Luis Ortega, Audit Partner and IPO Services Leader at E&Y Mexico, will offer his perspective on sustainability from the company’s point of view.
  • The Impact on Digital Media Consumption and Atl. The session will be led by Ivan Marchant, Vice President of Comscore for Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Central America. In his presentation, Marchant will show the impact on media consumption in recent months and how the pandemic has impacted the different players in the digital commerce industry. He will analyze the effects on cross-media consumer decisions.