Avocados From Mexico Launches its Digital Knowledge Hub

This month, if you’re buying an avocado in the United States, it’s almost certainly from the Avocados From Mexico (AFM) brand. It’s no surprise the number one selling avocado brand represents more than 99% of the avocado volume in the United States during the month of December. Now, the produce powerhouse wants to share the insights that drive the category, ensuring critical information is broadly available across the industry.

With nearly 50 educational infographics, the new Knowledge Hub provides a holistic illustration of how and why consumers are purchasing, ordering, and eating increasing numbers of Mexican avocados said AFM in a press release.

Since Avocados From Mexico formed in 2013, they have become the largest marketer of avocados in the United States, with a record 2020/2021 season imports at 2.4 billion pounds of avocados. And the U.S. winter months are key for the brand as nearly all avocados found in grocery stores from December 5 – January 2 will come from Mexico due to the region’s unique soil and climate that allow avocados to be grown year-round.

74% of shoppers say they would buy more avocados if they saw more in-store displays to remind and inspire them to buy avocados, according to an AFM study.

Avocados From Mexico launched the distinctive digital Knowledge Hub this year based on the growing needs for information across the category.

For more than six years, Avocados From Mexico and the brand’s partners have conducted ongoing research studies to better understand all things avocado, from consumer behavior, attitudes, and usages, to path-to-purchase barriers and much more. The information available on the Knowledge Hub is a first-of-its-kind in the category and will provide partners in retail, foodservice, and media with insights to help optimize business strategies, meet product goals, drive purchase and overcome barriers.

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“Research is critical to our success at Avocados From Mexico, and understanding the market, consumers’ preferences and purchase barriers helps us drive more data-driven and informed strategies. It’s that relentless focus on data and insights for AFM that inspired us to create this new Knowledge Hub,” said Steven Klingele, Avocados From Mexico’s Director of Research and Analytics. “I’m thrilled to be able to provide a truly unparalleled, foundational resource that houses the most valuable insights, helping partners better understand the needs of their customers and consumers and ultimately, helping drive business results across the category.”

The Hub provides different insights for different types of users, and allows:

  • Foodservice operators to gain advanced awareness of consumers’ avocado preferences such as the data suggesting that consumers overwhelmingly prefer fresh over processed avocados (77%).2
  • Shopper and retail partners can gain insight into purchase drivers, e-commerce and shopper education strategies.
  • Media outlets can use The Knowledge Hub to help develop their understanding of industry trends and consumer behaviors.