9 Hispanic Breakfasts to Try Before You Die

Before we die, we must do many things. And what do you think? Trying Hispanic breakfasts is a must.

The most substantial reason is that the gastronomy of this region uses delicious products.

But the history of each dish makes them even more divine.

With every bite, you’ll start your day right and make a tradition from another country stay with you in your heart and palate.

Need more time to prepare elaborate meals? Don’t worry! Just as there are options with many details to eat on Saturdays and Sundays with the family, others are easy and quick to make.

So, dare to start your routine with lots of nutrients. We took the most delicious Hispanic breakfasts and compiled this succulent list.


The origin of the arepa has been a topic that has sparked a humorous and international debate. Some say they are Venezuelan. Others say they are Colombian.

The truth is that it is a symbol of the identity of both countries.
However, Galeotto Cei wrote about them in “Viaje y descripción de las Indias (1539-1553)”.

This means that those delicious cornbread cakes come from Venezuela.

Having cleared up the doubt, one of the most important aspects is that you can eat them in different ways:

  • Roasted
  • Fried
  • Baked
  • Grilled

To prepare the dough, you only need precooked corn flour and water. Mix both products with your hands and knead until you get a smooth texture without lumps.

Then, take a portion, shape it into a ball, and flatten it into a circular shape. The size and thickness depend on your taste. Put it to cook, and that’s it!

And the filling? It depends on your creativity. It accepts all kinds of accompaniments. The most common are cheese, ham, avocado, eggs, chicken, beef, and stew.


Undoubtedly, empanadas are one of this list’s most versatile Hispanic breakfasts.

It is a wheat or corn dough shaped like a lid or disc, whose filling should be placed in the center and then closed by joining its edges.

This way, you will prevent everything from coming out during cooking. However, they vary according to the country where you are.

The best-known are the Argentinian ones. They are baked and filled with beef, hard-boiled eggs, red bell pepper, and olives.

There are also Chilean ones. First, they are stuffed with minced or ground beef, chicken, egg, and more and then baked in the oven.

Venezuelan ones, on the other hand, are fried. The filling? Whatever you like.

There’s more! Empanadas are not only savory. There is a great variety of sweet fillings.

Among them are chocolate, sweet potato, quince jelly, jams, dulce de leche, etc.

Huevos Rancheros

This breakfast is always present on a Mexican table. It evokes the old ranchers or farm workers.

Why? They chose this dish every morning to ensure they started the day with energy.

This has continued to be the typical breakfast of day laborers in Mexico and the southern United States.

In this sense, the essential components of Mexican food are present in this option. How?

Specifically, they are fried eggs covered with a rich sauce of chili, onion, tomato, and jalapeños, with corn tortillas and black beans.

However, there are updated recipes with scrambled eggs, wheat flour tortillas, and assorted sauces. Either way, they are all delicious.


This will always be a great option to start tasting Hispanic breakfasts. They are tasty, colorful, and abundant.

They are fried corn tortillas cut into strips or triangles, mixed with shredded chicken, scrambled eggs, and cheese. You can add black beans as a side.

That’s not all. To finish, they come with red or green chili sauce. Guacamole is an excellent add-on. Of course, it is valid if you want to add meat.

The combinations are flexible, so there is an excellent variety of chilaquiles. Although they maintain their essence, some culinary techniques vary.

For example, there are chilaquiles with red, green, white, or mole sauce. Some add sesame seeds or other types of chiles to achieve a different flavor and spiciness.

Andean Pastries

The flavor of the Venezuelan Andes will reach your table with these pastries made with wheat flour.

This is a variant of those consumed in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru since the Creole flavors are present.

Years ago, they were filled with meat and vegetables. However, they have evolved thanks to the preferences of local diners.

Therefore, it is common to find them with classic fillings, such as cheese or chicken, and more exotic proposals. Among them fish, seafood, pork, and more.

What should always be present are the condiments and spices typical of Venezuelan gastronomy.

Now, one option is to prepare them at home or find them in the country’s bakeries, food stalls, or restaurants.

Of course, in any of these establishments, they will offer you a cup of chocolate or strong coffee to accompany them.

Bread with Chicharrón

This is one of the most representative Hispanic breakfasts in Peru. It is a sandwich with a tremendous amount of nutrients.

Although there are different recipes, the traditional one includes blood sausage, fried sweet potato, and sarza criolla, with chicharrón as the principal protagonist.

And it could not be otherwise since this product is revered in the country of the Incas.

They dedicate every third Saturday of June to enjoy and remember its history.

Why is it so special? It is a food that dates to Francisco Pizarro, who loved this type of meat.

Then, it became famous thanks to the Spanish fondness, and later, because of the Inca customs, they began to mix it with sweet potatoes, potatoes, and Peruvian corn.

They did not waste the leftover fat. Instead, they fried it and ate it.

Until something surprising happened: they realized that bread was a great companion.

This gave it another value, and thus, they created the chicharrón bread, a must in Peruvian breakfasts.

Rib Broth

While all soups are a great energy source, the rib broth prepared in Colombia must be noticed.

It’s no secret that it revives anyone. For this reason, it is natural to serve it at breakfast time.

For example, many people eat it to recover from the “guayabo” or hangover after a long night of partying.

Anyway, the Colombian version is simple to prepare. In a conventional or pressure cooker, you add the pieces of beef ribs together with potatoes, onion stalks, and cilantro, which add seasoning.

It is also possible to add corn cob and carrots. It will likely be served with some “hogao” even when ready. “Hogao” is a famous sauce made with tomato, cilantro, and onion.

To complete the dish, accompany it with some arepas and a glass of any cool drink.


In the day-to-day life of an Argentinean, breakfast is most likely to be led by a tray of medialunas (croissants).

Not all Hispanic breakfasts need casseroles. This one is a worthy representative, although they are just small triangles formed with flour and butter, covered with syrup.

Now, when you try them, you won’t believe how the porteños achieve such a spectacular flavor with such simplicity.

Attention! Many people confuse them with croissants. Wrong! While the dough of the latter is airier and crunchier, that of the croissant is usually flakier.

Besides, they are sweet, and the syrup gives them a particular touch, which has made them a popular dish.


The smell of this breakfast is synonymous with glory. Imagine the potatoes just out of the boiling oil and then the fried sausages, accompanied by the sauces of your choice.

It’s a breakfast bomb. No matter, it makes everyone start the day cheerful, with vitality and enough energy.

But its origin is debated. While many claim it is Colombian, other countries claim it as their own.

Among them are Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. So, the best thing to do is consider it an international dish.

Realistically, you can find a stand selling salchipapa in many corners of the continent.

So, if you want to prepare it or buy it, it is very economical. Anyway, it is ideal to share with friends and family.

What do you think of these nine delicious dishes to start the day? Don’t stick to the ones you traditionally eat in your country.

If it is impossible to travel to each country, you will find a restaurant specializing in these cuisines.

Dare to visit them and try these Hispanic breakfasts before you die. Ultimately, the joy you feel after eating something delicious is priceless.