Popcorn, the Snack that Pops with Flavor

In the United States, they are called popcorn. Still, in Latin America, some call them palomitas (Mexico), cotufas (Venezuela), crispetas (Colombia) and pochoclos (Argentina), among others.

Whatever their name, this snack could be the grandfather of all others because people have been eating it for centuries.

They were an integral part of Aztec ceremonies in the early 16th century. In the United States, natives ate them and used them as ornaments in ceremonial headdresses, necklaces, and decorations.

Throughout the centuries, its easy preparation has remained the same: it is a grain that explodes when in contact with heat, and people eat it.

According to the Popcorn Board, most people associate eating this snack with the best family moments. The Board comprises popcorn companies responsible for getting them to consumers in the form of their choice: kernels, ready-to-eat, or microwave.

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Americans’ favorite movie genres:

  • Action 20%
  • Drama 14%
  • Comedy 12%
  • Romantic comedy 11%
  • Horror 11%

Favorite flavors in the US:

  • Butter 30%
  • Salted 18%
  • White cheddar 14%
  • Cheddar 10%
  • Kettle Corn 9%

The Board released some interesting data on popcorn consumption. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll at the request of the Board in January 2021 of 2,000 Americans, this is how they eat this snack:

Requirements for a perfect movie night

1. Popcorn (51%)

2. Cozy blanket (46%)

3. Chocolate (37%)

Popcorn Industry data

70% Is eaten at home.

30% Is eaten outside the home.

43 Containers (quart-size) are consumed per person per year.

9 Major popcorn-producing states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Ohio.

14 Billion containers of quart-size are consumed annually in the United States, based on 2016-2020 sales.

4 These are the main types of corn: sweet, Dent, Flint, and popcorn.