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7 Interesting Facts About Peaches

Peaches, along with cherries, plums and apricots, are stone fruits called drupes. This species is divided into varieties where the flesh separates from the pit easily versus varieties where it firmly sticks to the pit.

White-fleshed varieties are typically very sweet with little or no bitterness. The most popular ones come from countries like China, Japan and their Asian neighbors. Varieties with yellow flesh come from European and American countries, and can have a more bittersweet taste. The skin of both types have reddish tones.

The origin of peaches

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The peach tree (Prunus persica) is a deciduous fruit tree that is native to China. It was first transported to the West by the Persians and then by the Romans.

The most important peach-producing regions in the Northern hemisphere are the United States (California, South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia) and the neighboring regions of Canada.

Venezuela and Mediterranean countries such as Spain produce the Cieza peach and the Calanda peach. In the Southern hemisphere, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa and New Zealand are the main producers.

How to sell peaches

Hispanic merchants can advertise this delicious fruit to be sold fresh, dried or frozen. To better inform your customers, you may recommend freezing the pulp and blending it with vanilla yogurt for a refreshing smoothie or summer breakfast.

It can also be served in restaurants, combined in a salad with other fruit such as plums and cherries.

Peaches: 7 interesting facts

When you promote this fruit to consumers, include these interesting facts:

1. The peach contains vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6, and minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, chlorine, manganese, copper and iron.
2. In some Latin American countries it is known by the name durazno and is very popular there.
3. It is considered one of the 20 essential foods for a healthy life.
4. In ancient China, peaches were considered a symbol of long life and immortality.
5. There are over 200 varieties of peaches.
6. Peaches and apricots are very similar. The only thing that separates them is a gene.
7. They are also known as the Persian apple.

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