Salsas Lago De Chapala, A Taste of Mexican Identity and Culture

With “Sarape and Sombrero for the whole world,” Salsas Lago de Chapala is known and enjoyed in Mexico, the United States, and many international markets. Its presentation, allusive to the Mexican clothing, and a different flavor make this brand unique on the shelf.

The Origin of Salsas Lago de Chapala

CEO, Raul Rabago.

Salsas Lago de Chapala’s origins are in the history of Sangrita, a traditional drink consumed with tequila. It was in the 1920s that Don José Sánchez and Doña Lupita Núñez created this spicy salsa, which they developed by grinding chiles de árbol, salt, spices, and a steeping process.

Sangrita, made from chile de árbol salsa and orange juice, is the perfect match for tequila.

Ingredients of the Highest Quality

The original recipe was the primary source of inspiration for the development of Salsas Lago de Chapala, the name given to the brand as a tribute to Don José and Doña Lupita’s hometown.

The distinctive flavor of Salsas Lago de Chapala comes from the chiles de árbol grown in their fields, which guarantees the quality and freshness of their ingredients.

They have become known through various flavors, including Chile de Arbol, Habanero Rojo, Habanero Verde, Marisquera, Chipotle, Mild, and Poblano-Habanero.

A natural formula is behind all salsas, which are also gluten-free and use premium ingredients. In addition, the production process is as natural as the cycle of planting, harvesting, selection, boiling, water, salt, grinding, and packaging.

All these steps are carried out through process certification houses, facilitating their exportation to offer the best quality salsas to the world.

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They Are Conquering the U.S. Consumers

Because it combines flavors, Poblano-Habanero salsa stands out in the market. U.S. and Latino consumers have well received the product.

Initially, Salsas Lago de Chapala established itself in the market through Arbol salsa because they are the manufacturers of the leading brand in the Hot Salsa category in the United States.

Something that makes them unique is the presentation of their bottles, dressed in the traditional sarape and hat that represent Mexico, transmitting its identity and culture.

In 2018, the company restructured to achieve steady and controlled growth, focusing on commercial strength and including Lago de Chapala.

From then on, they grew towards other distribution channels to conquer mainly the international market.

The process of entering the U.S. market involved a constant evolution of its commercial strategy. Despite the challenges, the Mexican company established a solid supply chain in the United States with valuable distributors.

In the main U.S. Hispanic markets, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut, New York, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona, and California, Salsas Lago de Chapala are available with its traditional flavors of Árbol, Habanero Rojo, Habanero Verde, Marisquera and Poblano-Habanero.

As for the crossover to conquer the Anglo consumer, the company is committed to developing specific strategies and actions to bring it closer to this audience, effectively adapting its message, packaging, and marketing strategies.

The goal is for all salsa lovers to enjoy Salsas Lago de Chapala products and experience their authenticity and quality. “Sarape and sombrero for the whole world.”