Salsa Huichol Aims to Conquer New Markets in the USA

U.S. consumers’ interest in multicultural foods and their taste for hot sauces are growing daily, and market research confirms this. By 2032, they forecast that the hot sauce category will be worth $2.2 billion.

Therefore, they are looking to be a key player in this market. The Mexican company Salsa Huichol announced the launch of Salsa Huichol USA, thus formalizing its international business structure. To date, it has not been marketing directly. With this new stage, it will gradually venture to have a greater understanding of this market, serving directly to the largest number of retailers.

It goes perfect with sea food

In 2024, Salsa Huichol USA’s strategic growth priority will be universal coverage in the different regions, distribution channels, and customers. The company seeks to have a complete portfolio available wherever customers are looking for it.

As part of the brand’s growth towards global channels, Salsa Huichol USA will initially have a commercial office in San Antonio, Texas, and a couple of logistics centers in Laredo and Mexicali that will cover the demand in the two main regions of the United States.

The perfect salsa for seafood tacos.

The company is also creating strategic alliances with distributors, brokers, and marketing teams to improve the commercial experience of all its customers and consumers at the point of purchase.

Salsa Huichol USA, the company founded 75 years ago in Tepic, Nayarit by Don Roberto Lopez Flores, will drive the growth of its brand within the mainstream market in the United States.

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The commercial team of Trustknnect, which specializes in brand strategy development, market penetration, new product launches, distribution channel development, and strengthening business relationships, will support its strategic development.

Salsa Huichol has five flavors and various presentations, from sachet, 5oz, 6.4oz, 12oz, liter, and gallon. Since its inception, it has distinguished itself for its preparation under strict quality standards, with a secret recipe that uses a unique type of chiles from the region of the Nayar table and other areas of the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico.

Salsa Huichol for snacks

As the Lenten season approaches, a season of high demand for hot sauces, Salsas Huichol USA is anticipating an increased number of products at points of purchase and a communication campaign through social networks and other digital and print media to let consumers know that the brand is available in their favorite stores.

These types of activations and initiatives will be an active part of the mechanics observed at the point of purchase to grow the brand in the near future of this new commercial structure for Salsa Huichol USA.