A Place for the Latina Businesswoman to Fulfill Her Dreams

As a Latina entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I have experienced most of the obstacles and barriers that small business owners face when they decide to pursue their dreams. Entrepreneurship entails a solitary journey, especially if you are a “solopreneur,” that is, if you are the sole owner of your business.

When I started my business many years ago, no one talked about tutelage or sponsorships; having a business was considered “men’s things” and the chambers of commerce were generally an “Old Boys’ Club.”

However, tired of being ignored, the women made great progress, breaking barriers and starting our own businesses.

The goal of LatinasinBusiness.us is to give the Latina businesswoman the opportunity to tell her story and join an event, the “Pitch Your Business” competition, which allows them to highlight their products, their services and dreams.

The Story of Princess Plie and Friends

In the competition, “Pitch Your Business,” last year, participants found a unique place to tell their story. The first prize was awarded to Princess Plié and her Friends, while the second place was a tie between Villakuyaya and Around the Way Girl Inc. These are her stories:

The Latina businesswoman Mary Dressendofer started with the idea of Princess Plié and her Friends as a way to interest each child in a magical world where they create adventures, explore dance and enjoy great fun. “This will also allow children that don’t have access to dance lessons to learn in their own homes,” Mary said. You can support Mary’s dream by visiting her website http://www.princessplie.com/

Ecuadorian chocolate helps inspire friendships around the world

Tania Molina started Villakuyaya inspired by the lessons taught years ago in her grandmother’s kitchen, the love and support of her parents and a healthy Zen attitude in her business through the practice of yoga.

With Villakuyaya, the Latina businesswoman creates her dark organic chocolate bars with lots of love and awareness. She chooses the best “Arriba Nacional” cocoa seeds, working with the cocoa producers of the Esmeralda region in the north of the Pacific coast.

“The fundamental idea of Villakuyaya is to share a sensory experience with clients and friends that begins with the fruity flavors and floral aromas of our cocoa bean; a simple chocolate bar can inspire friendships around the world,” explained Tania. You can find her products on http://www.villakuyaya.com/

Empowering women from marginalized communities

Another winner was a member of “Around the Way Girl. Inc.,” an organization is a non-profit organization that provides intentionally designed programs based on education for young women from marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

The founder and CEO, Maya Carr, reclaims her Puerto-Rican and black heritage as a way to empower women of color in a positive and powerful light.

“I knew that women from marginalized communities, “the ghetto,” “the projects,” are intelligent, friendly and powerful. Once I understood it, I made it my duty to empower young women with tools for personal and professional success, since greatness belonged to us. I started my community service projects in the spring of 2011 and ATWG, Inc. was born in 2013,” Maya said. You can support her mission at https://www.atwgirl.org/ home/

How can you benefit with LatinasinBusiness.us? Do you have a small business? Do you have a story to tell and dreams to accomplish? If so, you might be the next participant for the Latina SmallBiz Expo and the “Pitch Your Business” Competition. Contact me, [email protected] and we can help promote your business and the history behind it. Let’s go Latinas!