Niña Toyita: The Unique Taste of Central American Food Products

Niña Toyita is a Central American brand of edible food items for the Hispanic market that is becoming increasingly popular and taking a very important position in the United States.

The Niña Toyita brand brings us nostalgic products made with artisan recipes. They are handmade to provide flavors, unique and original textures with the taste of home, bringing to mind our culinary memories.

The name “Niña Toyita” is inspired by the respect of grandmothers or old women whose dedication to bringing the best foods to their children was unmatched. In Central America, a woman is called Niña with her name after, as a sign of respect and motherly affection. These “niñas” worked hard to satisfy their children with the best tastes in food and treats.

Niña Toyita has a line of dairy products (creams and cheeses) that provide the unique flavor of Central America. They are prepared with all the requirements expected to provide excellent quality.

Other products that have great acceptance is their frozen product line made with corn, fruits, and vegetables, imported from Central America. The corn tamale is their frozen product leader. It’s handmade and achieves a creamy texture on the outside and porous on the inside with a well-accentuated flavor by using the most tender corn for its elaboration.

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We cannot fail to mention the handmade nixtamal mill corn dough tortillas and the other product that acquire greater demand every day is our regular and raisin corn Atol, which is a delight to the palate.

Niña Toyita imports red silk beans to the US in several presentations and also in bulk.

The main mission of Niña Toyita is to bring the taste of home to every home and thus satisfy the most demanding tastes, even remembering the food of our childhood.