Colorado Ranchers Offers The Best Queso Campesino: Freshness & Quality

Since its inception in 1996, Colorado Ranchers’ main goal was to become one of the most successful cheese and dairy product makers
for the Hispanic Market in the United States.

Based in Denver, the company launched its Queso Campesino brand. The cheese was a Mexican-style, high-quality product that encompassed the many flavors and textures loved by Mexican consumers.

The chairman and CEO of Colorado Ranchers, Gabriel Robles, expanded the brand by introducing an array of naturally made products that contained no preservatives or artificial ingredients or flavors.

Queso Fresco, Oaxaca, Quesadilla, Asadero, Cortija Fresco, Muenster Enchilado, Crema Menonita, and Requesón are some of the products introduced by Robles. The Queso Campesino brand saw a popularity boost thanks to this initiative.

colorado ranchers queso campesino

Colorado Ranchers’ product demand gained momentum, and in 2010, the company partnered with Grupo Industria Cuadritos, from Celaya, which is one of the biggest dairy products makers in México.

This partnership allowed Colorado Ranchers to expand its catalog of products and soon started to import the Central American cheeses like Niña Toyita and Producto Campesino.

The family-owned company continued to expand, and today, they have cheese distribution warehouses in Salt Lake City, Utah; Lincoln, Nebraska; Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico and Dallas, Texas.

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Their dairy products can be found in Hispanic grocery stores, butcher shop and supermarket chains like Save a Lot, Safeway, US. Foods, Roma, and Sysco.

If you want to distribute or sell the Queso Campesino products in your stores, you can call (303) 316-4251, or you can visit their website,