Hispanics At The Forefront Of The Shopping Cart Industry

Roberto Fuenmayor and his wife Saray López make a perfect team that has allowed them to put Yaras Corp, their shopping cart repair and manufacturing company, among the industry’s best.

And at the beginning of a new year, with the vision of Fuenmayor and the execution of López, they are preparing to continue growing in the market of Hispanic stores in the United States.

For two decades, Yaras Corp., based in Puerto Rico, has been dedicated to perfecting the art of shopping cart repair and construction. Thanks to the mechanical skills of Fuenmayor and his team, more than 80,000 carts have been repaired and returned as new to supermarkets instead of ending up in garbage dumps.

In addition to this fundamental contribution to environmental protection, Yaras Corp. is saving supermarket owners thousands of dollars in new equipment by repairing and refurbishing the carts that were to be replaced.

Due to the success of the shopping cart repair business, the company began to grow rapidly. They diversified by establishing alliances with factories in China in 2006 to manufacture equipment other than shopping carts, such as the carts known as Uboat, and others, such as those used in the butcher, bakery, and warehouse departments to move their own merchandise.

Thus, they took a critical step: “Today we have our own factory in China. There we make other components that we bring and assemble here. We work on our Yaras Lift brand, which includes pallet jacks and warehouse carts, ”said Fuenmayor.
The next step they took in their growth process was Yaras del Caribe’s founding in the Dominican Republic in 2016.

In addition, they established the first Caribbean shopping cart manufacturing plant in Puerto Rico. In the summer of 2017, Valero was born as a company that distributes the equipment manufactured by Yaras Corp., and López is the president.

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This couple of young entrepreneurs, both of Venezuelan origin, have known each other for a lifetime. Her parents are pastors, and thanks to their teachings, they have led their lives with a firm Christian conviction of honest work to grow and innovate and serve the community.

“Something we have always believed in is being able to help other people objectively, sowing in good soil. Of all the profits that come to our companies each month, we separate ten percent, and we divide these profits between different entities, both local and international, aimed at Venezuelans, ”said López.

Every beginning of the year, the business couple takes a week off. Still, it is also time they dedicate to making plans about the direction the business should take to continue growing, and at the beginning of 2021, the tradition continues.

“I already have Roberto a list of everything I want us to do this new year. In ​​marketing, which is what I work the most in, I want to continue positioning Yaras Corp. in the Hispanic market. That when Hispanics in the United States think of shopping carts, they say, “I’m going to call Venezuelans who are in Puerto Rico because I want to buy from them because they offer me a solution,” said López.

Another goal in 2021, according to López, is to explore the service area for pharmaceutical companies because they have the capacity to provide industrial wheels for the carts used in this sector.

Regarding the use of technology, they understand that an evolution is going to occur in shopping carts and they are working to offer their customers the best options.

Powered by a German company, Yaras Corp., is in the process of creating an alliance to offer stores special sensor carts to automate the shopping process without going through a cash register. This type of cart would be available for supermarket chains that want to invest in this type of technology.

And thinking of independent supermarkets that do not have the economic capabilities of large chains, the company offers the option of providing smart wheels for shopping carts.

With the information provided by these smart wheels, store owners can collect valuable data on customer movements that will help them plan their product sales strategy, such as which aisles they visit the most or where they spend the most—time in the store.

Aware of the importance of health security measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, in the area of ​​metal carts this 2021, Yaras Corp. will continue to expand its offer with a paint that includes an antimicrobial powder coating, which protects and maintains them sanitized.

Likewise, plastic carts are available that have 99 percent antibacterial coverage on the handle.

Roberto and Saray have great faith in the growth plans of their company. They will continue working with great effort to become the main providers of shopping carts for Hispanic supermarkets in the United States. Your company’s mission is to help them move into the future.