Who Are Experts in Shopping Cart Repair and Manufacturing?

Do you need to repair your store’s shopping carts or get new ones?

Twenty years ago, Roberto Fuenmayor founded Yaras Corp.; the first Hispanic company specialized in supermarket shopping cart repair services in Puerto Rico.

The company led by young Venezuelans, who have had the opportunity to develop a family business far from their country, has been innovating for two decades in repair services, remanufacturing and construction of parts and supermarket carts, as well as equipment for heavy load.

Yaras Corp. stands out for offering sales, repair, manufacturing, and maintenance of all the equipment used in stores to move their items, such as shopping carts, trolleys (U cart), pallet jack (pallet jack, manual, semi-electric and electric), and forklifts (forklift).

In 2017 the company inaugurated its first manufacturing plant for shopping carts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean under the name Valero Inc. In 2019 they launched their first shopping carts with the Made in Puerto Rico seal, thus having their exclusive line, improving the failures of the carts of other brands.

shopping cart repair Roberto Fuenmayor
Roberto Fuenmayor is the founder of Yaras Corp.

Through its manufacturing services, Yaras Corp. has prevented more than 80 thousand shopping carts from ending up in landfills and at the same time results in a 50% savings for the merchant.

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Following its success in Puerto Rico, Yaras Corp. has plans to expand its line of goods and services business to the United States. They seek to become an economical alternative for Hispanic merchants and to be a new benchmark in shopping carts and light and heavy-duty equipment.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the company undertook to innovate and began to work with Antimicrobial Powder Coating by adding it to the powder coatings with which they paint new or repaired carts, to minimize the risks of contagion of different viruses and bacteria that shopping carts are exposed due to constant handling by hundreds of people daily.

For more information, visit www.yarascorp.com or call (787) 288-6633.