Fiesta Mart: A Great Stop For Your Hispanic Grocery Needs

Shop at Fiesta Mart and taste the excitement! Every day is a fiesta at Fiesta Mart supermarkets! Why? You ask

At Fiesta Mart, they approach grocery shopping in a fun way. They blend a wide selection of products, extraordinary customer service, and fun with an authentic Fiesta-style atmosphere to bring you a unique grocery shopping experience.

Today, you’ll learn what this Hispanic grocer has to offer and why you might want to shop there!

What is Fiesta Mart?

In 1972, Fiesta Mart was co-founded in Houston by Donald Bonham and O. C. Mendenhall. By 1982, Fiesta had become a huge success. Fiesta’s “open market” layout and a large variety of products and services appealed to Houston’s large international community.

Fiesta Mart is a Latino-American supermarket specialty/ethnicity-based grocery store. Today, with 37 stores in the Greater Houston area, it serves customers from over 90 countries.

What do they sell? 

I would say they sell life, funny, right? They sell life because almost everything you would need in your life daily can be found in their store and at a lower price.

Fiesta is proud to bring you quality meats, fresh produce, and dairy products, beer and fine wines, and specialty products from around the world. Most locations also offer a fresh meat service counter, a fresh seafood department, and an in-store bakery.


With a huge selection of products, every aisle at Fiesta Mart has something new to offer. Whether you’re looking for fresh local produce, international specialty items or succulent meats, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Fiesta.


With over 10 different departments, Fiesta is your one-stop-shop.

  • Produce
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • International 
  • Deli
  • Bakery
  • Hispanic
  • Floral and General merchandise
  • Apparel

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Why shop at Fiesta Mart?

After you visit one of their stores, you will be happy you did. Some reasons to shop at Fiesta Mart Include:

  • If you are looking for high quality, seasonally rotating selection of fresh produce, with special emphasis on locally sourced and organic produce.
  • If you are looking for an International Department that brings the world’s authentic taste to you
  • If you want packaged foods, cooking sauces, beverages, cookies, candies, snacks, and more from around the world
  • If you are looking for a healthily processed safe, and freshly cut meat customized just for you
  • If you want to taste a hearty, deluxe meat tray of ham, turkey, roast beef and salami or try a delightful variety of cheeses from around the globe
  • If you want to eat the best bakery items made from scratch
  • If you want to journey to the Latin cuisine ingredient world
  • And more1

Customer Service

One thing, fiesta Mart will never joke with, is their customer. They are treated with a special sense of vitality. You can easily contact them locally or on their official website.

Other services

  • Cash checks
  • Utility payment
  • Send money
  • Purchase License tag
  • Buy Texas Lottery tickets and a lot more
  • Purchase license tags
  • Western Unions
  • And more!

Fiesta Mart Weekly Ads

You can enjoy a discount and weekly items on sale thanks to Fiesta Mart’s weekly circular. They are available on their website. Each store has its own independent weekly ad circular so be sure to pick your store.

Fiesta Mart Hours

They are open every day of the week. Hours may vary by location by their stores are usually open from 7 am to 10 pm.

Fiesta Mart Supermarket Location

They have over 37 stores located in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and Greater Houston. You can check their social media pages to see their different locations.

Fiesta Mart Supermarket near me

To get a Fiesta Supermarket locally, simply search “Fiesta Mart Supermarket near me” on google.

Learn more about this store here.