Northgate Gonzalez Markets: Authentic Hispanic Groceries

Northgate Gonzalez Markets well-stocked shelves of authentic ingredients from all over Mexico and other Latin American regions seem straight out of a dream, but it’s a reality!

Northgate Gonzalez is the Latino market for everyone. They are hardworking, humble, loyal, innovators, and auténticos.

Today, you’ll learn about this grocery retailer. Beware, you might fall in love with their products and services. Here is why they should be at the top of your grocery store options.

What Is Northgate Gonzalez Markets?

Northgate’s first store flourished in Anaheim Boulevard, in Anaheim, on January 2, 1980. Consequently, followed by another store in La Habra, then Pico Rivera in 1989. Twenty years later with more than 30 stores, Northgate Gonzalez acquired El Tigre Market of San Diego to stretch its reach from Los Angeles County, to Orange County, to San Diego County.

Northgate Gonzalez is one of the most iconic Hispanic stores in the United States. Its goal is to make the entire emergent Hispanic population feel at home through traditional products and personalized customer services.

What do they sell?

Looking for a market with fresh products focused on the Hispanic, Latin cuisine? Northgate Gonzalez Market has all the products and ingredients you need to make those traditional Latin dishes.


Northgate Gonzalez Market is where first, second, third, and all generations will gaze upon its shelves, populated with authentic items from Mexico and Latin America, and find everything needed.

They sell all the products that are essential in the Hispanic kitchen. From carnitas, fresh fruits and vegetables from Latin American countries and around the world to cornbread, tres leches cake, grains, and more!


Each and every department is populated with skilled artisans and artists, masters, and experts on our products. And all at your service.

When you grocery shop at Northgate Gonzalez Market you are bound to find the following departments:

  • Produce. You will taste the seasons. Everything you touch is ripe. 
  • Bakery. Sweetbread, pastries, and dinner roll for every occasion. 
  • Tortilleria. Made with the highest quality corn through a process of grindstones. 
  • Grocery. Housing your favorite products as well as specialty products you crave.
  • Meat department. Here you can find the freshest and authentic cuts of beef, pork, poultry, and seafood. 
  • Mexican kitchen. Centuries of tradition, magic, and love infuse all of our daily prepared meals.
  • Liquor
  • Deli, Dairy & Frozen
  • And more!


These are only a few of the many reasons you want to shop at Northgate Gonzalez Market: 

  1. If you love the Hispanic tradition, ours is present in every corner of the store.
  2. If you need ingredients from every part of Mexico
  3. If you want chicharrón, the carnitas, over twelve types of ceviche or a culinary experience you won’t find in any grocery store
  4. If you love fresh pastries and bread
  5. If you love tortillas, they have the best Tortillerias around
  6. If you like the best quality of meat and fresh produce
  7. If you like traditional Hispanic drinks.
  8. If you want your meals to be an icon of the Latin kitchen.
  9. And more!

The shopping experience at Northgate Gonzalez Market gives their costumers a refreshing way of shopping where they get to enjoy it alone side their family, friends, and community. 

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Their vast, rich tapestry of history is strengthened only by their dedication to their customers, and to one another. Their associates make you feel at home and will assist you in everything you may need. Their stores are rich in cultural design that makes you feel at home.


Other services offered to Northgate Customers include:

  • Financial service
  • Check cashing
  • Money transfers
  • Personal Cash Loans
  • Bill payment
  • Mobile Topup 
  • Money orders
  • Currency Exchange
  • Event Tickets
  • And more!

Northgate Gonzalez  MARKET  WEEKLY ADS

You can shop at Northgate Gonzalez Market weekly using their weekly specials ads that are personalized for every location across the country. You can sign up for this feature in their website and receive their special offers on a weekly basis. 

Northgate Gonzalez MARKET  HOURS

The market is not open the 24 hours of the day!

Hour may vary depending on your location , but most Northgate markets are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. In addition, they offer SAME-DAY DELIVERY where you can buy everything you need online and have it at your door the same day.


Northgate has over 38 store locations in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. 

Here is a brief list of their Northgate Store locations:

  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Long Beach
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Culver City
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Anaheim
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Los Angeles 
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at San Diego
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Inglewood
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Placentia
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Norwalk
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Paramount
  • Northgate Gonzales Market at Rico Rivera

You can find Northgate Gonzales Market near you here!


You can search for your local Northgate by typing in “Northgate Gonzalez Market near me” on Google.

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