Dulces Anáhuac, the Company that Succeeded with Chipileta Popsicle

Dulces Anáhuac stands out for being a proudly Mexican family-owned company. For six decades, it has kept its candies among the favorites of children and adults.

When the company launched Chipileta in 1977, the first candy popsicle with chili powder in the market, it achieved great popularity that has remained to this day.

Consumer research firm Kantar Mexico confirmed this in a study it published in 2021 on the most popular candies among Mexicans of various generations.

For children who grew up during the ’90s, 46% of those surveyed consider Chipileta a unique and irreplaceable candy.

The history of Dulces Anáhuac

The history of Dulces Anáhuac began in January 1960. Ricardo Menéndez de la Fuente created a small family business manufacturing jellies under the Toby brand in Puebla.

Over the years, the business evolved towards producing candies for children, and in 1974, the company Dulces Anáhuac S.A. was established.

With the launching of Chipileta in 1977, the company grew in Mexico and decided to bet on the export market. Although it was a challenging task and faced significant challenges, they made the necessary adjustments in the production and packaging of their candies to satisfy consumers’ tastes in more than 35 countries.

Since 1978, they began exporting candies to the United States through distributors and wholesalers.

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Anahuac Candy

Due to their growth, in 2018, they created the company Anahuac Candy to handle 100% of their U.S. distribution.

Likewise, they continue to explore new markets for Mexican candies, taking advantage of their participation in international confectionery fairs. In this way, they have positioned their brands, achieving a vital place within the Mexican confectionery industry and abroad.

Chipileta, Limón 7, Selz Soda, Fruti Kuikas, and Pica Limón, among others, are the Dulces Anáhuac brands offered by Hispanic candy distributors in the United States. Also, they are developing the retail market to grow in that sector and convenience stores to conquer the Anglo market.

With the development of new products, presentations, and even new brands, such as its most recent creation, “LOL Industries,” Dulces Anáhuac seeks to reach more distribution channels in the United States and worldwide.