De Mi País: “Products that bring you closer to the celebration, the flavor, and the Latin American soul”

Since the creation of the De Mi País brand in 2006, the company’s goal was to find the nostalgic products most desired by Central Americans. Thus, they dedicated themselves to turn them into products with a high-quality standard, with excellent ingredients to stay ahead of the competition.

The company, based in Miami, was founded by a Honduran couple in 2000 under the name Global Garlic Inc. Since then, they have developed their food and beverage portfolio. Now, their products include juices, dairy products, packaged foods, cookies, semitas, condiments, and snacks.

De Mi País is focusing on pampering the palate of the Hispanic consumer in general, although initially, its target market was the Central American buyer. The company is also working hard on product proposals for the Hispanic American consumer.

De Mi País is also recognized for its variety of fruit-based juices, with a portfolio of 18 different flavors.

To celebrate the summer with refreshing and innovative beverages, they launched canned horchata, recognized as a favorite among Mexicans and Central Americans.

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De Mi País is also introducing two new flavors of juices: Melon-pineapple with soft touches of vanilla and Jamaica water. It is also debuting a new line of dairy-free coconut milk, offered in eight different flavors.

But that’s not all. Among its wide variety of products, they have a line of dairy products, where the Jutiquile Cream Olanchano flavor stands out, unmatched in taste and texture. Also, its line of sweetbreads, semitas, cookies, and donuts has led them to be undisputed leaders in the market.

Thanks to the success achieved by the De Mi País brand during these fifteen years, the company already has a presence in 86 percent of the United States and a solid international presence in 12 countries. Globally, the company has 25 production plants and around 3,000 employees.

Finally, De Mi País plans to continue expanding with an increase in the number of products in its portfolio to meet basic needs and thus conquer new markets, regardless of their roots.