Colorado Rancher’s Producto Campesino: Quality & Tradition

Producto Campesino is a brand of a great variety of Hispanic edible products, with very homemade flavors and a lot of tradition.

Producto Campesino stands out for offering food prepared by farmers’ hands based on ingredients harvested in fertile fields such as tamale leaves and güero peppers in vinegar and of animal origin mainly from the pig, such as boiled pork rinds.

Each and every one of the products is aimed at people with very demanding tastes, so that is why original flavors are preserved to the fullest.

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Our products: Tamale Leaves, Piloncillo, Mezquite Charcoal, Strings, and Pickled Legs, Ready-to-Eat and Precooked Chicharrones, Güeros Chiles in Vinegar, Pork Sausage, Turkey Ham, Cooked Ham, Quince Tie, Guava Tie, Natural Card, Wrapped Card, Pork Butter, and others.

The mission of the Product Campesino brand is to bring quality products with the authentic flavor of the countryside to the table of each home of our Hispanic families. For more information visit our website or call us at 303-316-4251.