How to Sell Your Product in the United States

With the accelerated growth that has been the Hispanic population in the United States, there are more increases in the marketing of products. However for companies that want to make their way in the market of Hispanic consumers living in the United States, as well as other sectors of the population enjoy the Latin American flavors, the way is not always easy. In addition to having to comply with a long list of requirements to nationalize their products before customs of the United States, comply with the requirements and certifications by party agencies such as the FDA (food and Drug Administration) and the USDA, exporting firms have to make planning of marketing that allows them to reach the shelves of shops and supermarkets. For a small company that can not have a representation and direct distribution in the United States is almost essential to have a marketer of your product or have a player in the value chain that is the “broker” or marketer agent taught. Large distributors delegate trust in companies that make the work check if the product has the necessary conditions to be marketed in the U.S. market, if you have the necessary licenses and most importantly, enjoying a steady and consistent supply.

When partnership has been established with distributors and or agent marketers, it is important to present our product to the owners of shops and supermarkets, who are those who will finally exhibit our products on the shelves. Although this is one of the functions fulfilled by dealers or brokers, many times they focus on certain geographical areas or in certain sectors, therefore our product does not reach all the players in the industry.

Sales Recommendations for the United States

Something that businesses commonly do is advance publicity campaigns aimed at the end consumer. This strategy is effective when our brand is already positioned in the market.But the most recommended, when you have already established contact with the distribution company, is conveying a clear message of your brand, product or service that directly reaches the decisive players in the market, i.e. to purchasers of shops, distributors and supermarkets. If the company or brand does not have a dealer or broker, the message through media as ABASTO, considered the best commercial (B2B) magazine of the United States, is the best way to get them. It is proven that many companies, which have relied on supply to publicize its product, have had effective results because your message goes directly to the responsible persons or business decision-makers.

The message of your brand through Abasto becomes directly responsible for shopping in stores, supermarkets and distribution companies.

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