How to Develop Leadership Skills with Positive Coaching

In a working atmosphere, influencing those around is crucial for achieving your goals. To reach that point, it is necessary to be a good leader developing skills in others.

I share the following recommendations so that you develop skills as a good leader of your team.

1. Practice what you preach

Live your company’s values and share them daily with your work team. I recommend instilling feedback and development coaching within your work culture.

2. Define the functions of the position

Many times, we’ll hire someone without training or giving them details about their functions and expect them to do a good job without defining their responsibilities.

3. Define the expectations

At this point you define the mission and vision you have of the position and what you hope to achieve and advance with this person working in the company.

4. Define how the evaluation will be measured

Here the metrics are defined with which the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly performance will be evaluated, establishing clear goals for the achievement of the company’s objectives.

5. Define the deliverables and their distribution dates

At this point we refer the daily, weekly and monthly deliverables in detail. Among them you can find reports of daily sales, inventories, summary of the day that includes challenges and actions, follow-ups to action plans, documented feedback among other things.

6. Train your staff

First, train by offering the theory where you share the methodology to follow. Then, “Offer Example,” where you teach applying the theory in a practical way with some personal example. Then you apply, “Learning by doing,” where you invite your pupil to now practice doing the methodology with some example. And finally, “You generate improvements in performance,” providing feedback or coaching to refine the methodology you will use in your daily work.

7. Recurring Coaching Sessions

Now that the person is trained and put what they learned to practice, recurrent coaching sessions are scheduled in order to follow up on the achievement of goals and objectives proposed by the company (KPI’s).

These skills development sessions seek to provide feedback, empower, motivate and provide guidance for the achievement of the goals that are proposed.

Now I would like to share a video link that explains how a coaching or feedback skills development session takes place:

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At MDS Business School we seek to help companies with the purpose of training their operational, managerial or executive staff in methodologies that help them solve the following situations by designing tailor-made trainings so that they can grow:

  1. Low sales performance.
  2. A past-due portfolio.
  3. High staff turnover derived from challenges due to lack of leadership.
  4. Improve client experiences with a Wow experience.
  5. It lacks strategies to retain and reactivate clients.
  6. Tense work environment with a lot of absences due to illnesses.
  7. My contact center is more an expense than a business.